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Saturday, 15 August 2015

Breakbeat Explorationz Vol. 1

Subwayz Breakbeat Explorationz Vol. 1

So in this mix I get to drop a few new breaks and bass tunes from labels like Tru Funk, Breakbeat Paradise Recordings, Punks Music, & Berceuse Heroique. Whilst taking the opportunity to include Meat Beat Manifesto, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, the Special Request remix of Go, by The Chemical Brothers, the Andrew Weatherall remix of Heretic, some acid breaks from DJ Rawcut, Turntable Actor Chloroform, Jay Riordan, and including some techno from Paul Woolford Denham Audio, Laurel Halo, Actress and drum n bass with Riya & P.A. and a couple of tracks from Boards Of Canada, naturally.

The aim of this mix was to try to highlight all of the different inner genres that inhabit the breakbeat/techno/bass scene, and hopefully put them all together in a mix that everyone (who like this and other forms of this music) might enjoy! Hopefully I haven't put anyone off this music for life....

Once again I took the opportunity to add a few of my favourite artists/tracks and incorporate them in with some quality new tunes! The Message, by Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five is one of my all time favourite hip hop tunes. The version I have included is a bootleg, but it was awesome to mix it with the Boards of Canada remix of Prime Audio Soup by Meat Beat Manifesto. Chance Of Rain by Laurel Halo is one of my favourite tunes from 1993, so the chance the include this track in any mix was an opportunity I couldn't turn down!

There are some great new tunes which I have included, with EP's from artists like Jay Riordan, Denham Audio, Jimmy Le Mac, DJ Rawcut and UFO Project.

Next on my to-do list is to get working on another techno mix, and include some of the more ambient tunes that I like. Also on the list is a mix that includes Autechre, Aphex Twin and Boards of Canada.


  1. R.I.P. - Actress (R.I.P. 2012  Honest Jon's Records )
  2. Music Is Math - Boards Of Canada (Geogaddi 2001 Warp Records/Music70)
  3. Prime Audio Soup [Vegetarian Soup by Boards of Canada] - Meat Beat Manifesto (Play It Again Sam Records 1998)
  4. Message From The Sofa - Mash Masters (Fused Funk Vol 6 2015 Fused Funk)
  5. Golden Ass - Warson (Tasty Beats Vol 8 2015 Tru Funk)
  6. Brilhantina - Aroop Roy (Brazil Breakdown Vol.3 2015 Gamm)
  7. Trick Yo Self - Tosses & Varvez (Tasty Beats Vol 8 2015 Tru Funk)
  8. Jump Herbie - Bang 'N Mash (Tasty Beats Vol 8 2015 Tru Funk)
  9. Everywhere I Go - Arteo (Let's Party E.P. 2015 Breakbeat Paradise Recordings)
  10. No Job, Drugs & Guns - Cez14 (Tasty Beats Vol 8 2015 Tru Funk)
  11. Pollux (Andrew Weatherall mix) - Heretic (Nein 2015)
  12. Delta Light (original mix) - Malibu B (Euro Gladio BLR Vol 2 2015 Black Leather)
  13. Nvidia West (original mix) - Ed Steele (Census Sound Recordings 2015)
  14. The 80s (Oscar P remix) - Tigerbalm (Fresh Farm Music 2015)
  15. Night Terror - Jay Riordan (Over & Out 2015 ToneKontrol)
  16. Man & Machines (original mix) - Andels (Kiosek 2015)
  17. Cuz I Aint No Joke - DJ Rawcut (American Underground 2015)
  18. Pull That Back (original mix) - Deekline/Bad Zuke (Cash For Gold E.P. 2015 Gutter Gutter)
  19. Simian - Jay Riordan (Over & Out 2015 ToneKontrol)
  20. Ye Olde Sound Of London (original mix) - Digitroll (Vim 2015)
  21. Go (Special Request Warehouse remix) - The Chemical Brothers (Go [Explicit Remixes] 2015 Virgin EMI)
  22. No Entry - Denham Audio (Dance Cult E.P. 2015 Exploris)
  23. Freeze - Beneath (Shlocky 2015 Berceuse Heroique)
  24. Played - Jimmy Le Mac (Wiggle E.P. 2015 Punks)
  25. Stella - Denham Audio (Dance Cult E.P. 2015 Exploris)
  26. Wiggle - Jimmy Le Mac (Wiggle E.P. 2015 Punks)
  27. MDMA - Paul Woolford (Hotflush Recordings 2015)
  28. Bowsers Rave - Jimmy Le Mac (Wiggle E.P. 2015 Punks)
  29. I Believe - UFO Project (Punks 2015)
  30. Make Some Noise - H2O (USA) (Genuine DJ Debbie D 2015)
  31. Hard One - UFO Project (Punks 2015)
  32. I Need Your Love (Archive UK remix) - Libra UK (Saucy 2015)
  33. OSW 5 - Turntable Actor Chloroform (Out Of Obscure 2015)
  34. Through The Bass - Rob Analyse (Move It! Music 2015)
  35. Old Kent Road - The Sneak (Locked Concept 2015)
  36. Fleek Beats (JOURNEYMAN vs BARRcode remix) - Produkdo (Vim 2015)
  37. Booty Shake - Gosize (Delicious Groove 2015)
  38. Fleek Beats (original mix) - Produkdo (Vim 2015)
  39. Cabin Fever - Denham Audio (Dance Cult E.P. 2015 Exploris)
  40. Do It Again (Headset Heroes remix) - TheC4 (Vim 2015)
  41. Chance of Rain - Laurel Halo (Chance Of Rain 2013 Hyperdub)
  42. Feel The Rhythm - Mr Breaks (Hertz Bass 2015)
  43. Alive - Gosize (Delicious Groove 2015)
  44. Outta Sight - BMD (Tasty Beats Vol 8 2015 Tru Funk)
  45. I Don't Need - Riya & Break (Spearhead 2015)
  46. Butterfly Clan - P.A. (The Butterfly Clan E.P. 2015 Radius)
  47. Aquarius (Version 3) - Boards Of Canada (Peel Session 1998 Warp Records)
  48. Macquarie Ridge - Boards Of Canada (The Campfire Headphase 2005 Warp Records / Music70 / Beat Records)