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Friday, 25 September 2015

Autechre vs Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Shake it Off Djarum
Shake it Off Djarum
I believe I first heard Shake it Off as bumper music on various TV programmes. So after many times of listening to this tune I discovered that it was Taylor Swift who in fact sang this song that had been rattling around my head and was implanted into my sub-conscience. Speaking as someone who has spent much of my time despising mainstream corporate music, and the way that the corporate types have exploited underground music and used it for their own purposes, and as much as I hate to admit this, I find Shake it Off, by Taylor Swift to be very catchy and completely infectious.

I'm always looking at ways to blend and match music, particularly of different genres and ideals. I've been a fan of Autechre and their work since the early 90's. Anti E.P. by Autechre was released on Warp Records in 1994. The philosophy behind this release was as a protest of the Conservative Government's Criminal Justice Bill, in which banned the use of a 'succession of repetitive beats' at 'gatherings where music is played.' So the three tracks of this E.P. were programmed with beats that were designed not to be repetitive.

Whilst mixing and generally playing around with tunes I just randomly happened to notice that Djarum and Shake It Off were about the same BPM's and that the two tracks seemingly matched up very well.

I think that Autechre fans will dislike the fact that one of their early tracks has been soiled with the lyrics from pop music's new flavour of the month. Where as your average Taylor Swift fan probably isn't going to have the slightest clue who Autechre are? Never mind the genre of music that they inspired and reinvented. I personally enjoy the fact that I've blended two entirely different pieces of music that have come together, and in my opinion it gives either track a new lease of life. Of course others might say that I've created Frankenstein's glitch monster....

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Subwayz Techno Explorationz Vol. 1

Subwayz Techno Explorationz Vol. 1

Subwayz Techno Explorationz Vol. 1

This is a mix that I put together which features a combination of different genres of house, techno and also a lot of my personal favourites.

From the sumptuous, bass driven dreaminess of the remastered edition of The Passage by Model 500, to the surreal melodiousness of I Met You On BC Ferries by Lnrdcroy. There's outstanding tracks from Octo Octa, Kassem Mosse, Polygon Window, Daniel Avery, Vermont, Recondite, Moire, The Black Dog, Nathan Fake, Trevino, Mary Velo, Jasper Wolff & Maarten Mittendorff, Green Gums, TB, Randomer, and of course, Boards Of Canada.

Notes On Subwayz Techno Explorationz Vol. 1

This mix is something that I have meant to do for quite a long time! The genesis of the structure of this mix lies in the track √úbersprung by Vermont. I uploaded this track on to Youtube, and up until recently it has received over eleven thousand plays. This was a track that I specifically wanted to feature, so I went through my collection and picked some of my other favourite tracks that I thought might complement each other, and the opportunity availed itself to play quite a few favourites. A while ago I compiled a list of some of my favourite albums over the last couple of years, and in this mix there are more than a few of the album tracks that I shortlisted.

Back in 1992 I bought The True Techno EP (on Network Records) by Model 500. (from my local record shop at Worcester, Magpie Records) The track, The Passage has been an all time favourite of mine for many years. I was excited to find out that The Passage had been remastered in 2014. For me, it was the perfect choice to begin my mix. (after Kiani Industries by Boards of Canada) Between Two Selves by Octo Octo was an album that I have liked from the first time I listened to it. There are a variety of deep house tunes which pack quite a punch, and I wanted to highlight that quality in this mix. Workshop 19 by Kassem Mosse is another album that crept up on me. There is an intrinsic quality to this album that I really like. I could have put any track on this mix, but I'm happy that I put A2 on here, it's one of my favourite tunes from the album, so I'm pleased about that. I wanted to feature a track by Aphex Twin on this mix, predominantly from Selected Ambient Works 85 - 92. However, I found myself being pulled towards Surfing On Sine Waves by Richard D. James, under his Polygon Window alter ego. Portreath Harbour is one of those tracks which is minimalistic in nature, but has that Aphex Twin caustic edginess, and is counterpointed with soft ambient moments that I've always found alluring.

I have been a big fan of Daniel Avery's work. I thought Drone Logic was a great album. I wanted to feature a couple of tracks so Water Jump and Free Floating are two great tracks from many on that album that I could have put on my mix. I've been an admirer of Recondite's releases, I got Hinterland a while ago and have always wanted to use a track from that album. What I like about the track Riant, is that it's ambient in nature but still has a wonderful flow, and goes well with Ubersprung by Vermont. The Black Dog have an impressive back catalogue that features many of my favourite techno tunes. UV Sine is yet another track by The Black Dog. UV Sine has a great intro that is carried throughout the track. Shelter by Moire was another of my favourite albums of 2014. It was released on Darren Cunningham's (AKA Actress) Werk Discs label and is just a phenomenal album. No Gravity is a track with a bassline which 
permeates as it goes along. It was a great sequence of tunes along with Free Floating, by Daniel Avery and the ascending tweakings of Neketona by Nathan Fake. Trevino is a pseudonym of the multi-talented Marcus Intalex (which is another pseudonym, his real name is Marcus Kaye) I first heard the track Forged by Trevino on a Fabric (66) mix by Ben Klock, and also the track Detune, by Mary Velo on another Fabric mix (69) by Sandwell District. These two epic, growling, pulsating tunes have been favourites of mine since the first time I first listened to them. I also incorporated another two fantastic EP's, the reverberating Stellar Cult by Jasper Wolff & Maarten Mittendorff, and the pumping acid drone of Cestoda's Labyrinth by Green Gums

If there's one recording that has remained in my consciousness throughout this year, then it has to be City Girl, by TB on the German label Permanent Vacation. City Girl is a long, gently swirling acid tune that is as fresh sounding as it is beguiling. It's been another of my favourites of 2015, I think it's an understated work of genius. I've been a fan of electro since the 80's, and when I listen to Huh by Randomer it evokes memories of listening to track by artists like Paul Hardcastle and Man Parrish.

I discovered the album Much Less Normal by Lnrdcoy around Christmas 2014. It was released earlier on the seminal Canadian label 1080p, and initially available only on cassette, but was thankfully available later as a digital download. This year Much Less Normal was released on vinyl, via the Scottish label Firecracker Records. In my opinion, Much Less Normal is a fantastic album, if you like music of the ilk of artists like Boards of Canada, then check out Lnrdcroy. I could have put any track from Much Less Normal in my mix, but I used the track I Met You On BC Ferries, which is centred around a beautiful, quirky melody, that is used in a clever and inventive way throughout the track. I end my mix as I started it with a cameo from Boards of Canada.

I don't think I've had so much fun compiling a mix as much as I have with this. I was very happy with the end product, and I hope that you've had as much fun listening to my mix as I did producing it.  


  1. Kaini Industries - Boards Of Canada (Music Has The Right To Children 1998 Warp/Skam Records)
  2. The Passage - Model 500 (2014 Remastered Edition) (The True Techno EP 1992 Network Records/Apollo)
  3. Come Closer - Octo Octa (Between Two Selves 2013 100% Silk)
  4. Untitled A2 - Kassem Mosse (Workshop 19 2014 Workshop)
  5. Portreath Harbour - Polygon Window (Surfing On Sine Waves 1992 Warp Records)
  6. Who I Will Become - Octo Octa (Between Two Selves 2013 100% Silk)
  7. Water Jump (Album Version) - Daniel Avery (Drone Logic 2013 Phantasy Records)
  8. √úbersprung - Vermont (Vermont 2014 Kompakt Records)
  9. Riant - Recondite (Hinterland 2013 Ghostly International)
  10. No Gravity - Moire (Shelter 2014 Werk Discs/Ninja Tune)
  11. Free Floating - Daniel Avery (Drone Logic 2013 Phantasy Records)
  12. UV Sine - The Black Dog (Radio Scarecrow 2008 Soma Quality Recordings)
  13. Neketona - Nathan Fake (Steam Days 2013 Border Community)
  14. Forged - Trevino (2012 Klockworks 09)
  15. Detune (Original) - Mary Velo (Minutes In Ice 2012 Frozen Border)
  16. Stellar Cult - Jasper Wolff & Maarten Mittendorff (Cosmic Language EP 2015 Indigo Aera)
  17. Cestoda's Labyrinth - Green Gums (Black Tongue EP 2015 Diagonal)
  18. City Girl - TB (2015 Permanent Vacation)
  19. Huh - Randomer (Residents 2014 L.I.E.S.)
  20. I Met You On BC Ferries - Lnrdcroy (Much Less Normal 2014 1080p)
  21. One Very Important Thought - Boards Of Canada (Music Has The Right To Children 1998 Warp/Skam Records)

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Breakbeat Explorationz Vol. 1

Subwayz Breakbeat Explorationz Vol. 1

So in this mix I get to drop a few new breaks and bass tunes from labels like Tru Funk, Breakbeat Paradise Recordings, Punks Music, & Berceuse Heroique. Whilst taking the opportunity to include Meat Beat Manifesto, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, the Special Request remix of Go, by The Chemical Brothers, the Andrew Weatherall remix of Heretic, some acid breaks from DJ Rawcut, Turntable Actor Chloroform, Jay Riordan, and including some techno from Paul Woolford Denham Audio, Laurel Halo, Actress and drum n bass with Riya & P.A. and a couple of tracks from Boards Of Canada, naturally.

The aim of this mix was to try to highlight all of the different inner genres that inhabit the breakbeat/techno/bass scene, and hopefully put them all together in a mix that everyone (who like this and other forms of this music) might enjoy! Hopefully I haven't put anyone off this music for life....

Once again I took the opportunity to add a few of my favourite artists/tracks and incorporate them in with some quality new tunes! The Message, by Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five is one of my all time favourite hip hop tunes. The version I have included is a bootleg, but it was awesome to mix it with the Boards of Canada remix of Prime Audio Soup by Meat Beat Manifesto. Chance Of Rain by Laurel Halo is one of my favourite tunes from 1993, so the chance the include this track in any mix was an opportunity I couldn't turn down!

There are some great new tunes which I have included, with EP's from artists like Jay Riordan, Denham Audio, Jimmy Le Mac, DJ Rawcut and UFO Project.

Next on my to-do list is to get working on another techno mix, and include some of the more ambient tunes that I like. Also on the list is a mix that includes Autechre, Aphex Twin and Boards of Canada.


  1. R.I.P. - Actress (R.I.P. 2012  Honest Jon's Records )
  2. Music Is Math - Boards Of Canada (Geogaddi 2001 Warp Records/Music70)
  3. Prime Audio Soup [Vegetarian Soup by Boards of Canada] - Meat Beat Manifesto (Play It Again Sam Records 1998)
  4. Message From The Sofa - Mash Masters (Fused Funk Vol 6 2015 Fused Funk)
  5. Golden Ass - Warson (Tasty Beats Vol 8 2015 Tru Funk)
  6. Brilhantina - Aroop Roy (Brazil Breakdown Vol.3 2015 Gamm)
  7. Trick Yo Self - Tosses & Varvez (Tasty Beats Vol 8 2015 Tru Funk)
  8. Jump Herbie - Bang 'N Mash (Tasty Beats Vol 8 2015 Tru Funk)
  9. Everywhere I Go - Arteo (Let's Party E.P. 2015 Breakbeat Paradise Recordings)
  10. No Job, Drugs & Guns - Cez14 (Tasty Beats Vol 8 2015 Tru Funk)
  11. Pollux (Andrew Weatherall mix) - Heretic (Nein 2015)
  12. Delta Light (original mix) - Malibu B (Euro Gladio BLR Vol 2 2015 Black Leather)
  13. Nvidia West (original mix) - Ed Steele (Census Sound Recordings 2015)
  14. The 80s (Oscar P remix) - Tigerbalm (Fresh Farm Music 2015)
  15. Night Terror - Jay Riordan (Over & Out 2015 ToneKontrol)
  16. Man & Machines (original mix) - Andels (Kiosek 2015)
  17. Cuz I Aint No Joke - DJ Rawcut (American Underground 2015)
  18. Pull That Back (original mix) - Deekline/Bad Zuke (Cash For Gold E.P. 2015 Gutter Gutter)
  19. Simian - Jay Riordan (Over & Out 2015 ToneKontrol)
  20. Ye Olde Sound Of London (original mix) - Digitroll (Vim 2015)
  21. Go (Special Request Warehouse remix) - The Chemical Brothers (Go [Explicit Remixes] 2015 Virgin EMI)
  22. No Entry - Denham Audio (Dance Cult E.P. 2015 Exploris)
  23. Freeze - Beneath (Shlocky 2015 Berceuse Heroique)
  24. Played - Jimmy Le Mac (Wiggle E.P. 2015 Punks)
  25. Stella - Denham Audio (Dance Cult E.P. 2015 Exploris)
  26. Wiggle - Jimmy Le Mac (Wiggle E.P. 2015 Punks)
  27. MDMA - Paul Woolford (Hotflush Recordings 2015)
  28. Bowsers Rave - Jimmy Le Mac (Wiggle E.P. 2015 Punks)
  29. I Believe - UFO Project (Punks 2015)
  30. Make Some Noise - H2O (USA) (Genuine DJ Debbie D 2015)
  31. Hard One - UFO Project (Punks 2015)
  32. I Need Your Love (Archive UK remix) - Libra UK (Saucy 2015)
  33. OSW 5 - Turntable Actor Chloroform (Out Of Obscure 2015)
  34. Through The Bass - Rob Analyse (Move It! Music 2015)
  35. Old Kent Road - The Sneak (Locked Concept 2015)
  36. Fleek Beats (JOURNEYMAN vs BARRcode remix) - Produkdo (Vim 2015)
  37. Booty Shake - Gosize (Delicious Groove 2015)
  38. Fleek Beats (original mix) - Produkdo (Vim 2015)
  39. Cabin Fever - Denham Audio (Dance Cult E.P. 2015 Exploris)
  40. Do It Again (Headset Heroes remix) - TheC4 (Vim 2015)
  41. Chance of Rain - Laurel Halo (Chance Of Rain 2013 Hyperdub)
  42. Feel The Rhythm - Mr Breaks (Hertz Bass 2015)
  43. Alive - Gosize (Delicious Groove 2015)
  44. Outta Sight - BMD (Tasty Beats Vol 8 2015 Tru Funk)
  45. I Don't Need - Riya & Break (Spearhead 2015)
  46. Butterfly Clan - P.A. (The Butterfly Clan E.P. 2015 Radius)
  47. Aquarius (Version 3) - Boards Of Canada (Peel Session 1998 Warp Records)
  48. Macquarie Ridge - Boards Of Canada (The Campfire Headphase 2005 Warp Records / Music70 / Beat Records)

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Subwayz Drum n Bass Explorationz

Subwayz Drum n Bass Explorationz

Notes On Subwayz Drum N Bass Explorationz...

I've been meaning to do a drum n bass mix for quite a while. So I finally collected a few tunes and put them together. There's quite a mixture of different types and sub-genres of drum n bass within this mix. I'm not sure if it was foolhardy of me to do so. What it gains in history it may lose in cohesiveness. Within this are two of my all time favourite tracks. I've been a fan of Doc Scott and Dillinja's output for quite a few years, they are two people for whom I have total respect for. Their discography is like charting the metamorphosis of the hardcore scene into the drum n bass scene today. Shadow Boxing and Silver Blade are two massive tracks which were awesome to incorporate in this mix. I don't want to take anything away from the other tracks which are in this mix. I've liked the releases on Doc Scott's 31 Records imprint, not to mention Metalheadz and Renegade Hardware, which sadly is now defunct. I also took the liberty of sneaking in tracks by Aphex Twin (from one of my favourite albums of all time, Selected Ambient Works 85-92) and Boards of Canada (from the 2002 album, Geogaddi)  

I still have plans to do mixes of  other genres, including ambient, downtempo, tech-house, many other breakbeats, old school drum n bass, hardcore techno/gabber and specifically Boards of Canada, Autechre,Aphex Twin and old school drum n bass. It's just finding the time to do all this!

Anyways, thanks for listening to my mix. I hope you enjoy these tunes as much as I did! 

  1. I - Aphex Twin (Selected Ambient Works 85-92 1992 Apollo/R&S Records)
  2. Touching Down (feat Cleveland Watkiss) - Om Unit (Inversion 2014 Metalheadz)
  3. Machine - Chroma (Limber EP 2013 Renegade Hardware)
  4. Rain Giver - Reza (31 Records 2013)
  5. Clouds - Overlook (31 Records 2013)
  6. From Early - Fracture & Chimpo (Metalheadz 2015)
  7. Silver Blade - Dillinja (The Prototype Years 1997 Higher Ground/Prototype Recordings)
  8. Hard Food - Fracture & Chimpo (Metalheadz 2015)
  9. Grey Skies Over Chicago - Om Unit (Metalheadz 2013)
  10. Thaw - Reza & Gremlinz (31 Records 2013)
  11. Understand - Om Unit (Inversion 2014 Metalheadz)
  12. Fast Forward - Bungle (31 Records 2015)
  13. Sands (Acid Lab remix) - Asymmetric (Stark Realities EP 2015 Omni Music)
  14. Looking Back - Bungle (31 Records 2015)
  15. Perceptions & Realities (original mix) - Acid Lab (Stark Realities EP 2015 Omni Music)
  16. Shadow Boxing (Re-mastered Original Mix) - Nasty Habits (31 Records 2014)
  17. Digital - Overlook (31 Records 2013)
  18. Kobayashi Maru (original mix) - Acid Lab/Parallel (Stark Realities EP 2015 Omni Music)
  19. Future Roots - Thing (31 Records 2013)
  20. Ninel - Rado (Swarm 2015)
  21. Alone - Bungle (31 Records 2015)
  22. Therapy - Digital (Horizons Music 2014)
  23. Harmony - SR & Digbee (36 Hertz Recordings 2014)
  24. Dew Drops - Reza (31 Records 2013)
  25. Street Spirit - Overlook (31 Record s 2013)
  26. Butterfly Clan - PA (Radius 2015)
  27. Rays - Klute (Commercial Suicide 2015)
  28. My Tearz - Lenzman (feat Steo) (Looking At The Stars 2014 Metalheadz)
  29. Archive - Digital (Ingredients Records 2014)
  30. Artifact - Aquarian (Uno 2014)
  31. Over The Horizon Radar - Boards Of Canada (Geogaddi 2002 Warp Records/Music70)

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Subwayz Don't Stop Da Breakbeatz....

Subwayz Don't Stop Da Breakbeatz.....

Notes on Don't Stop Da Breakbeatz.....

This was another fantastic opportunity for me to slot in a few more of my favourite tunes into this mix! Firstly, I've been a fan of Actress, aka Darren Cunningham's work for quite a while, so it was awesome to start with the track Don't, from the 2014 album Ghettoville. Luke Vibert is one of those chameleon-esque characters within the world of dance music who has made many tracks under many different guises. Buffalo Gals by Malcolm McLaren And The World's Famous Supreme Team is a timeless hip hop classic and putting this tune in my mix was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. The album Much Less Normal by Lnrdcroy is an absolutely amazing body of work that has stayed under the radar for quite a while. I seized the opportunity to feature the track, Slam City Jam (Mix Assist Mix). Rivers Of The Red Planet, Code and The Air Between Words were some of my favourite albums of 2014. So it was awesome to incorporate Drums Of Death by Max Graef, Zenith by Answer Code Request and The Love Of Pleasure by Martyn (featuring the awesome Inga Copeland)

I'm a lifelong fan of electro, and within this genre includes some classic tracks by artists like Shannon, Joyce Sims The S.O.S. Band and by innovators like The Latin Rascals. Recently there's been one such EP that was released recently by The Galleria, (Morgan Geist) which features vocals by an amazing singer-songwriter (in her own right) Jessy Lanza. It was awesome to feature two tracks (Calling Card and Mezzanine) and also to mix in Party Girl by TB (available on the record label Permanent Vacation) which is just an outstanding track and one of my favourites of 2015.

London Grammar are an amazing band, and their album If You Wait, is one of my favourites. I've always wanted to remix one their tracks, in particular Metal & Dust. In this mix I had the opportunity to incorporate the track, Metal & Dust with another of my breaks tunes by ZPH, called Breaks Of Mediate. This may not be the remix that I've dreamed of, however I firmly believe that I have enhanced both these tunes and given them energy and gravitas. It's something that I've been very proud of.

In between and around all these tunes that I have coveted are some outstanding tunes by some of the finest contemporary constructors of breaks and many other beats like Ewan Hoozami, El Bomba, Dave Gerrard, DMX Krew, Last Magpie and finishing with another all-time favourite of mine, Left Side Drive by Michael Sandison and Marcus Eoin, aka... Boards of Canada.

I hope you enjoy listening to this mix as much as I did creating it.

  1. Don’t: Actress (Ghettoville 2014 Werkdiscs/Ninja Tune)
  2. Check Out Da Flow: Knuckle Fingerz (Neck Breakerz Vol. 1 Breakerz Banquet)
  3. Dopesmokah: Timewrap (Katakana Edits Vol 26 Katakana)
  4. Party Your Ass Off: El Bomba (Neck Breakerz Vol 1 Breakerz Banquet)
  5. Acidisco: Luke Vibert (YosepH 2003 Warp)
  6. Buffalo Gals: Malcolm McLaren (1983 Charisma)
  7. You Wanna Hear Dis: Breakerz Allstarz (Neck Breakerz Vol 1 Breakerz Banquet)
  8. High N' Mighty (dub mix): Ewan Hoozami (Goodgroove 2014)
  9. Buen Viaje: El Bomba (The Latin Lockdown EP 2015 Breakerz Banquet)
  10. Heart Of Glass: Dave Gerrard (Fused Funk Vol 4 2014 Funk Fusion)
  11. West Coast Don: Cris Crucial (Neck Breakerz Vol 1 Breakerz Banquet)
  12. Crush: 80s Child (Fused Funk Vol 5 2014 Funk Fusion)
  13. Vicious Bleebz: DMX Krew (5 Ways 2 Jack 2015 Super Rhythm Trax)
  14. Mr Body Rock: Fab Samperi & Skeewiff (The Beat Kicks Vol 2 2015 Beatnik City)
  15. Slam City Jam (Mix Assist Mix): Lnrdcroy (Much Less Normal 2014 1080p)
  16. Crystl Black (Bad Mojo remix): Kepikei (Crystl Black 2015 Top Billin)
  17. Fade To Black: ZPH (Breaks Of Mediate EP 2015 Inwave)
  18. Calling Card: The Galleria feat. Jessy Lanza (Environ 2015)
  19. Movin (edit): System2 (System2 2015)
  20. Drums of Death: Max Graef & Labuzinski (Rivers Of The Red Planet 2014 Tartelet Records)
  21. Breaks Of Mediate: ZPH (Breaks Of Mediate EP 2015 Inwave)
  22. Metal & Dust: London Grammar (If You Wait 2013 Metal & Dust Recordings Ltd / Ministry Of Sound)
  23. Mezzanine: The Galleria feat. Jessy Lanza (Environ 2015)
  24. City Girl: TB (Permanent Vacation 2015)
  25. Zenith: Answer Code Request (Code 2014 Ostgut Ton)
  26. Acid OSW 2: Turntable Actor Chloroform (Out Of Obscure 2015)
  27. Illumina: Andrew Bon Bosher (Illumina EP 2015 Bounce Kastle)
  28. 60East (original mix): Ben Egger (60East 2015 Hexa)
  29. Love Of Pleasure: Martyn (The Air Between Words 2015 Ninja Tune)
  30. Tristesse: Schizo Combat (FM Bullshit Boykott 2015 Kranke Geister Tontrager)
  31. Mirdad: Last Magpie (Influences 2014 Electric Minds)
  32. Chunky Monkey: B Phreak (Dash Fire 2015 Rump Shaker)
  33. Yuandai: Skelecta (The Big Bad Wolf EP 2015 877 Records)
  34. Maris Piper: Tsunga (Black Acre 2015)
  35. Frustration: Aggresivnes (Elektroshok 2015)
  36. Conditional: Hironimus Bosch (Whippin The 5 2015 Kiosek)
  37. It's Over: Cellardore (I'm Back 2015 Distortion)
  38. The Plant: Yonkers Tale (BNR Trax 2015)
  39. Disco Out: TheHeadcrazy THC (Rkdeeplove 2015)
  40. Werk For It: JDouble (The Album 2015 Ravesta)
  41. Scratch Central: Richard Champion (Vibe Alive EP 2015 Rinse Repeat Recordings)
  42. Fright Night (Original Mix): North Base (New State Music 2015)
  43. Tango Project: Flash Cats (On A Mission EP 2015 Propaganda Music)
  44. Left Side Drive: Boards Of Canada (Trans Canada Highway 2006 Warp Records / Music70)

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Subwayz Old School - New School B-Boy Breaks Mix

Subwayz Old School - New School B-Boy Breaks Mix

This is the longest mix that I've managed to do so far, clocking in at over three hours. I wanted to incorporate a wide variety of tunes that encapsulate my world of breakbeat. It gave me the perfect opportunity to slot in some of my personal favourite tunes. Well, there's not one tune in this tracklisting that I don't like, however there are a few tracks on here by artists that I specifically wanted to feature for different reasons. One such song was Wordy Rappinghood by Tom Tom Club, (with the chorus,"Ran sumsumsa Ran sumsum, Hootycooty hootycooty Ran sumsum, Hi kye yay yippie yi kye yay, Awoo awoo ayee kie chi.") which was originally recorded by Tina Weymouth, Chris Frantz, (both of Talking Heads) and Steven Stanley back in 1981, and has always remained a firm favourite of mine. Ewan Hoozami's EP, released on Goodgroove Records is another favourite of mine. It gave me immense pleasure to incorporate I Can't Help It in the mix. Reality Testing by Lone is an album from last year which was absolutely phenominal, I jumped at the chance of adding a couple of tracks, which I mixed with Ten Tigers by Bonobo. I am a huge fan of Lakker and Eomac, I think that their output has been nothing short of extraordinary, so I wanted to feature a couple of tracks by these two amazingly talented technoheads who are just fantastic. 

There are more than a few tracks in this mix which contain some excellent old school hip hop edits and breaks from brilliant artists like Tek 9, DJ Self, Jeep Beat Collective and Smoove (among many others!) which helped in creating a nolstalgic hi-tempo transition between nu and old school breaks.

I was happy-ish with this mix. The start with Tek 9 could have been better, and there's a few places where I should have done better, but on the whole, considering that it's over three hours long I thought I did alright?

So I might do a drum n bass mix next. I want to do an old school drum n bass mix and at some point I want to do a downtempo breaks mix featuring Boards of Canada, Lnrdcroy and a few more artists. 

  1. First Born Seconds - Lone (R&S Records 2014)
  2. California Soul Still Alive - KMT (Funk Fusion 2015)
  3. The Theme - Tek 9 (SSR Records 1996)
  4. Jaded - Lone (R&S Records 2014)
  5. Ten Tigers (Bengal edit) - Bonobo (Ninja Tune 2014)
  6. Dopesmokah - Timewrap (Katakana Edits 2015)
  7. Grunt Without The Noise - Ill Advised (Chopshop 2015)
  8. I Don't Speak Spanish - CJ Plus (feat G N S) (Tru Funk 2015)
  9. What You Rockin For - Electrogorilla (Breakbeat Paradise Recordings 2015)
  10. Buen Viaje - El Bomba (Tru Funk 2015)
  11. All Get Down - Electrogorilla (Breakbeat Paradise Recordings 2015)
  12. How It All Started (Old School B Boy) - DJ Self (Raw Dog 2015)
  13. The Bomb Drops - Jeep Beat Collective (Bomb Hip-Hop Records 1997)
  14. Can't Help It - Ewan Hoozami (Goodgroove Records 2015)
  15. When The Record Spins - El Bomba (Breakerz Banquet 2015)
  16. Wordy Rappinghood - Tom Tom Club (Island Records 1981)
  17. Lick It Funk - CJ Plus (Tru Funk 2015)
  18. Breaks Of Mediate - ZPH (Inwave 2015)
  19. Crystl Black (Bad Mojo Remix) - Kepikei (Top Billin' 2015)
  20. Pocket Piano (breakbeat mix) - Kink (Running Back Germany 2015)
  21. Ray McKay (Stega remix) - The Impellers (Legere Recordings Germany 2015)
  22. Money Clip - Beatslappaz (Punks 2015)
  23. This - SelivanDJ (Selivan 2015)
  24. Bone - Stanton Warriors (Punks 2014)
  25. Turbo Twerk - K1T (Noize 2015)
  26. BRZL - Bombo Rosa (Punks 2015)
  27. Psith3 (Donx 337 mix) - OM10 (Sun Harmonics 2015)
  28. Tristesse - Schizo Combat (Kranke Geister Tontrager 2015)
  29. Lookout Weekend (Alexander Metzger beat mix) - 680EL (Butcher Music 2015)
  30. Disco Out - TheHeadCrazy THC (Rkdeeplove 2015)
  31. Frustration - Aggresivnes (Elektroshok 2015)
  32. The Fall - Superlifter/Half Dragon (Superlifter 2015)
  33. I'm A B-Boy - Smoove (Wack 2014)
  34. Jumpin' Jack Flash - Head Honcho (Funk Fusion 2015)
  35. B-Boyz Get On The Floor - DJ Self (Raw Dog 2015)
  36. Rock-In Move (original mix) - Freq Boutique (Dogeatdog 2015)
  37. Long Time - DJ Quest (Cyberfunk Music 2015)
  38. BMX Green Light (with Gate Beeb) - DJ Self & Sci (Raw Dog 2015)
  39. Fall Down - Freestylers (Instant Vibes 2015)
  40. Arden My - Selecta (Drum Wrks 2015)
  41. DJ's Wreck It (B Boy & Scratchers) - DJ Self (Raw Dog 2015)
  42. Once Upon A Time In South Florida - DJ Hero (Solitude Studios 2015)
  43. Treat Me Right - Pirate Jams (Punks 2014)
  44. Get Dat - Breaking News (Juice Recordings US)
  45. Hex Factor - Head High (Power House 2014)
  46. Bad Boy Bass - DJ Self (Raw Dog 2015)
  47. Brooklyn 2 Brixton (Freestylers Raw As F**k Mix) - Freq Nasty (Skint 2004)
  48. Drop Bear - Pedestrian (Born Electric 2014)
  49. Fluid 67 - Shed (50Weapons 2013)
  50. Portland (Tuff City Kids TB Mix) - Sparky (Numbers 2014)
  51. Rising 3 - Eomac (Killekill 2014)
  52. Math Fall - Lakker (R&S Records 2014)
  53. Vengeance Video - Lone (R&S Records 2014)
  54. B Boys Breakdance Forever (Ext Remix) - Jeep Beat Collective (The Ruf Label 1998)

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Electron Techno Mix

Subwayz Electron Techno Mix


  1. Trip to Fade - Auden (Flux 2014 Hotflush Recordings)
  2. Rhyl - Function / Inland (Odeon EP 2014 Infastructure New York)
  3. Gotham (Original Mix) - Ten Walls (Gotham EP 2013 Innervisions)
  4. Service Cost HH2 - NGLY (2014 L.I.E.S. Long Island Electrical Systems)
  5. Garbo ((12" Version)) - Recondite (Levo EP 2014 Innervisions)
  6. minipops 67 [120.2][source field mix] - Aphex Twin (Syro 2014 Warp Records)
  7. Huh - Randomer (Residents 2014 L.I.E.S Long Island Electrical Systems)
  8. Skin - Victor Calderone (Burden 2015 Drumcode)
  9. I/O - Intellekt (Altered State 2015 Funghettocrew)
  10. Amsterdam 808 - Beesmunt Soundsystem (Body Shape 2014 Pets Recordings)
  11. Primary K272 - Dubspeeka (Primary 2015 Drumcode)
  12. NKKK4_2 - Stingray313 (NKKtwo_2 2013 Naked Lunch)
  13. City Girl - TB (City Girl 2015 Permanent Vacation)
  14. Dinner & Corsica - New York Transit Authority (2015 Lobster Boy)
  15. Floorshow (Bodyjack's DEXT VIP) - Dubspeeka & Visionz (Floorshow EP 2015 Dext Recordings)
  16. Funnel Vision - MGUN (If You're Reading This EP 2013 Don't Be Scared)
  17. K241Z (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix) - Dubspeeka (Angel EP 2015 Last Night On Earth)
  18. Hidden - Raam (RAAM002 2015 Raam)
  19. Interval (original mix) - Ephere (Absolute 2015)
  20. Primary K293 - Dubspeeka (Primary 2015 Drumcode)
  21. Flux - Auden (Flux 2015 Hotflush Recordings)
  22. Couch Life - Zed Bias (Couch Life 2015 81)
  23. Hover Drone - Ferenc Stenton (New Kanada 2015)
  24. Mkn01 - Mokeon (ML01 EP Moklab 2015)
  25. Domino Theory - Batu (Cardinal 2015 Timedance001)
  26. Fade To Black - ZPH (Breaks Of Mediate EP 2015 Inwave)
  27. I Don't Have a Soul - NGLY (L.I.E.S. Long Island Electrical Systems 2015)
  28. Dagger - Coldgeist (Split EP2 2015 Children Of Tomorrow)
  29. Whi5tleblower - Phon.o (Cracking Space Pt. 2 2014 50Weapons)
  30. Another Wedged Chicken (Original Mix) - Shed (Shedding The Past 2008 Ostgut Ton)
  31. Up - Benjamin Damage (50 Weapons 2014)
  32. Mars (Head High's Venus Remix) - Caribou (Our Love 2014 City Slang)
  33. Lock In - Auden (Wall To Wall EP 2015 Hotflush Recordings)
  34. Why You Feel so Low - Scuba (Claustrophobia 2015 Hotflush Recordings)
  35. The Moon Doesn't Want to Look at You - Visonia (Nausicaa EP 2015 Electronic Emergencies)
  36. Altars - Grovestreet (Structures 2015 Tight Knit Records)
  37. Ganzfeld - Objekt (Hypnagogia 2014 Leisure System)
  38. Triangles & Rhombuses - Boards Of Canada (Music Has The Rights To Children 1998 Warp Records)


I wanted this mix to represent the broad range of styles in my collection that I've enjoyed listening to over the last couple of years. It was a great opportunity to incorporate some of my favourite tunes, including Rhyl, by Function & Inland, Gotham, by Ten Walls, Another Wedged Chicken by Shed and finishing with one of my favourites from 2014, Ganzfeld, by Objekt. Within the realm of dance music, and even the broad church of techno, there's always been fragmentation of genres, it's not a new thing, the universe of dance music has been expanding for quite a few years. I just hope that I've captured some of the diversity, vibrancy and originality that has been a hallmark of the underground dance scene for many years.

I've done two techno mixes and a breaks mix, so I'm either going to take the plunge and do a drum n bass mix or may be another breaks mix. I think the drum n bass mix will present a greater challenge to my limited skills, but I feel that I would enjoy doing another journey into the world of hip hop and funky breakbeats than a full on mix of drum n bass. I also have some long term plans. I'd like to try to do a mix of artists like Boards of Canada and Autechre, and some old school drum n bass, but one step at a time, I'm still learning.  

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Replicant Bangin' Techno Mix

Replicant Techno Mix

This is my second mix, and going into this my game plan for this assortment was to change genres. I've been a life long fan of the 'hypnotic groove' and I wanted to incorporate some of the new material that I've been listening to, but I also wanted to take the opportunity to highlight some of my personal favourite techno tunes that I've admired over the last couple of years, namely Forged by Trevino (the awesome Marcus Intalex) Few Mysteries Solved In A Year Of Contact by Sagat, Detune by Mary Velo, Hoax Eye by Call Super, Field Depth by Answer Code Request and Voiceprint (Reprise) by (the phenomenal) Function. It gave me great pleasure to complete this mix relatively unscathed! I just hope that I've done justice to some of the amazing recordings which I have featured. I also wanted to acknowledge the profound influence that the film Blade Runner, and it's renowned soundtrack composer and recording artist, Vangelis has had on me throughout my life. 


  1. Main Titles (From "Blade Runner") - Vangelis
  2. To The Core - Trevino
  3. Better World - Claudio Grosso
  4. Rhythm - Johnny Golden
  5. Few Mysteries Solved in a Year of Contact - Sagat
  6. Metal Mutant (original mix) - The Yellowheads
  7. Return - BCDJ
  8. Detune (Original) - Mary Velo
  9. Stellar Cult - Jasper Wolff & Maarten Mittendorff
  10. Cestoda's Labyrinth - Green Gums
  11. Forged - Trevino
  12. Fantasy Island - Nanter
  13. Blitz - Cleric
  14. Trica - Jasper Wolff & Maarten Mittendorff
  15. Thelema - Coldgeist
  16. TSV WB - Zenker Brothers
  17. Landing (Lukas Freudenberger remix) - Nils Moln
  18. Hebano - Pablo Santos
  19. Hoax Eye - Call Super
  20. Nightlife - Johnny Golden
  21. Midnight - Oleg Mass
  22. Field Depth - Answer Code Request
  23. Voiceprint (Reprise) - Function
  24. Tears In Rain - Vangelis

Monday, 18 May 2015

DJ Subway: Funky Breaks Mix

DJ Subway - Funky Breaks Mix 

Notes On Funky Breaks:

After a long time out of the game, and with encouragement and inspiration from my friends I decided to get back to doing something which was a passion of mine, mixing and experimenting with music. I decided to start with a mix based on breaks. Combining some funky hip hop flavas, moving on to some harder electro and edgier breaks. It is in no way perfect. In fact there are a few glaring errors, but it's just nice to get back to doing something which I love, playing music.

This is a breaks mix that I put together which features everything from the funky disco of Cole Medina, the 80's funky electro of The Pointer Sisters, Automatic, the bass driven breakbeat mix Pocket Piano by Kink, the statuesque The Fall by Superlifter/Half Dragon, to the massive drum n bass remix of Wiley by Special Request. This mix also features tracks from artists like Stanton Warriors, Freestylers, Head High, (Shed) Dego, Ewan Hoozami, El Bomba, Beatslappaz, Pirate Jams and many more artists and block party beats.

More mixes to follow......


  1. Into The Rainbow Vein - Boards Of Canada (The Campfire Headphase 2005 Warp Records/Music70)
  2. Upside Inside - DJ Snorre (Fused Funk Vol 8 2015 Funk Fusion)
  3. Ginger & Lime (dub mix) - Ewan Hoozami (Goodgroove Records 2015)
  4. What You Rockin For - Electrogorilla (All Get Down EP 2015 Breakbeat Paradise Recordings)
  5. I Don't Speak Spanish - CJ Plus (feat G N S) (BBoys Boogie 2015 Tru Funk)
  6. Automatic - Dave Gerrard (Masterworks Vol 1 2015 Masterworks Music)
  7. When The Record Spins - El Bomba (Tasty Beats Vol 7 2015 Tru Funk)
  8. Make Your Body Move - Cole Medina (Tropical Funk 2015 Fly By Night)
  9. Movin (edit) - System2 (System2 2015)
  10. Nuts - Dego (Nuts! 2014 Blueberry Records)
  11. Hit Me (feat Riddim Commission) - DJ Swerve & Marco Del Horno (Directions 2015 Brick Bandits)
  12. Breaks Of Mediate - ZPH (Breaks Of Mediate EP 2015 Inwave)
  13. Pocket Piano (Breakbeat Mix) - Kink (Cloud Generator EP 2015 Running Back Germany)
  14. Bone - Stanton Warriors (The Bones EP 2014 Punks)
  15. Fall Down - Freestylers (Instant Vibes 2015)
  16. Arden - My Selecta (Drum Wrks 2015)
  17. Bring It Back - Curtis B (Drop The World 2015)
  18. I Want You - Pirate Jams (The Jams EP Vol 1 2014 Punks)
  19. Get Dat - Breaking News (Juice Recordings 2015)
  20. Money Clip - Beatslappaz (2015 Punks)
  21. Long Time - DJ Quest (Cyberfunk Music 2015)
  22. This - SelivanDJ (Selivan 2015)
  23. The Fall - Superlifter/Half Dragon (Superlifter 2015)
  24. BMX Green Light (No Gate Beeps) - DJ Self & Sci (Raw Dog 2015)
  25. Rock-In Move (original mix) - Freq Boutique (Dogeatdog 2015)
  26. Hex Factor - Head High (Megatrap 2014 Power House)
  27. About You - Lovvers Return (Experimental Bass 2015)
  28. From The Outside (Special Request VIP) - Wiley (Big Dada 2015)
  29. One Very Important Thought - Boards Of Canada (Music Has The Right To Children 1998 Warp Records/Skam)

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Coldcut: Beats + Pieces

Ahead Of Our Time: Coldcut Beats + Pieces

During the mid part of the 80's I was listening to a lot of hip hop. Through messing around with the family radiogram I discovered a syndicated hip hop radio show hosted by Mike Allen that broadcast every Friday evening. There was music by artists like Mantronix, Public Enemy, The Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, Ice T, Roxanne Shante, UTFO and many more hip hop trailblazers!

Mike Allen's Radio Show

One such show featured an exclusive premiere of a UK track called 'Beats + Pieces' by Matt Black and Jonathon More, who went by the name of Coldcut (featuring The Floormaster Squeeze on Beats + Pieces) on their own record label Ahead Of Our Time. Beats + Pieces sounded absolutely amazing. There were lots of edits used throughout the song, featuring a blend of breaks, vocal samples and musical styles that sounded new and innovative.

Coldcut: Beats + Pieces

I purchased my copy of Beats + Pieces in 1987. (from a record shop in Worcester called Revolver, which later became HMV, and is now Superdrug on the corner of the High Street) Ironically Mike Allen's hip hop show ceased broadcasting in 1987. However the legacy of Mike Allen's radio show lives on, and remains a vital piece in the the building blocks of hip hop music around London and throughout the UK. 

Coldcut: That Greedy Beat

Coldcut also went on to bigger and better things. They have hosted their own influential radio show called Solid Steel for over 25 years, have had chart success in their own right, and in collaborations with Junior Reid, Lisa Stansfield, Yazz and many more artists, plus quite a few of remixes, including the seminal remix of Paid In Full by Eric B & Rakim. 

Eric B And Rakim: Paid in Full
(Seven Minutes of Madness - The Coldcut Remix)

Matt Black and Jonathon More founded another record label in 1990 called Ninja Tune. The purpose of this record label was to give a platform for experimental underground dance music without the corporate interference which they had experienced from major labels in their past recording history. To this day Ninja Tune is still going strong, and has a diverse back catalogue of influential artists who have defined the underground dance music of every genre over the last 25 years.

I think it's fair to say that Matt Black and Jonathon Moore have been innovators within the realm of dance music. They have been groundbreaking as artists and have had a major role in overseeing the development of underground UK dance music over three decades. It's also pleasing to note that Mike Allen and his hip hop show played a small role in facilitating this, and was influential in the development of hip hop throughout Britain.

In 1995 Journeys By DJ: 70 Minutes Of Madness was released which featured a mix by Coldcut. This mix has been a favourite of mine for a long time, and will continue to be so.
Coldcut: Journeys By DJ 70 Minutes Of Madness

BBC Radio 1 Coldcut Essential Mix

Friday, 27 March 2015

The Specials: My Top 20

The Specials: My Favourite 20 Tracks

It almost seems as though it's been light years since I first listened to The Specials back in the distant past of the latter part of the 1970's. Their first hit was Gangsters, which got to number 6 in the UK charts back in 1979. I remember first hearing about Gangsters, then listening to it on BBC Radio 1, and watching The Specials perform it on Top Of The Pops. I liked Gangsters and subsequent releases, however I didn't really care for the music and fashion scene which The Specials seemed to kickstart. It appeared that where ever I went there were teenage fan replicants of ska and mods (The Jam) that stalked the streets of Worcester like something from out of the Anthony Burgess novel, A Clockwork Orange.

A lot of the older kids with whom I went to school with had embraced the whole 'rude boy' imagery and culture. There was also an air of delinquency which seemed to have been cultivated by more than a few. I had different ideas, I was a fan of a 'new wave' of post punk, and an emerging electronic music scene. It may have been a way of expressing my own individualism, by wanting to distance myself from the monochromatic generation of terry toweling sock wearing sheep that followed the other genres of music. In hindsight it all seemed so frivolous and pointless. All these different genres of music were just a metaphor for the constantly evolving state of music, and a way for teens to align themselves to the different musical tribes which had seemed so prevalent throughout the decade.

I had listened to the albums, The Specials and More Specials quite a few times. What I liked about these albums was how there was a successful marriage of different styles of music combined with songwriting that kept true to the punk aesthetic. Their first album, The Specials stayed true to their ska origins, where as More Specials was a little more advantageous and represented a departure into various other musical styles. I enjoyed The Specials, however, I didn't really care for other bands like The Beat, Madness, Bad Manners and the other ska bands which seemed generic and sounded akin to a novelty act. I've listened to the back catalogue of The Specials from time to time. What I've always liked about their songs is the underlying social commentary. They were never afraid to express opinion and their point of view on a variety of topical issues like racism which is as relevant in the 21st century as it was back in the 1980's. To me, The Specials have passed the test of time and still sound as dynamic and controversial as the first day I first heard them on Radio 1.

I always enjoy listening to The Specials for a variety of reasons. I have to confess that there is a certain amount of nostalgia combined with a lot of emotional baggage in 
this particular time of my life that is intertwined within this music. It was fun to go through my back catalogue and try to figure out a top 20 of their songs. I think an echo of my distant Elbury Mount Junior School/Samuel Southall Secondary School self from the 70's/80's who liked songs with swear words had a huge say in my selections! My top 20 songs reflect a combination of those two early albums combined with seminal EP's and singles that came to represent escapism and mirror the apathy of Thatcher's Britain in the early 80's. 

This compilation is dedicated to my brother Andrew, who was a huge fan of ska, and introduced me to The Specials albums and singles that I still listen to this day. It would have been interesting to see what Andrew's top 20 songs by The Specials might have been? Most likely different to mine!  

My Top 20 Tunes By The Specials

20. Stupid Marriage (The Specials 1979)

19. Maggie's Farm (Do Nothing 1980)

18. A Message To You Rudy (1979)

17. Sock It To 'Em JB (More Specials 1980)

16. Little Bitch (The Specials 1979)

15. International Jet Set (More Specials 1980)

14. Blank Expression (The Specials 1979)

13. Rat Race (1980)

12. Do The Dog (The Specials 1979)

11. Skinhead Symphony (Too Much Too Young 1980)

10. Pearl's Cafe (More Specials 1980)

09. Ghost Town (1981)

08. Man At C&A (More Specials 1980)

07. Nite Klub (A Message To You Rudy 1979)

06. Friday Night, Saturday Morning (Ghost Town 1981)

05. Concrete Jungle (The Specials 1979)

04. Do Nothing (1981)

03. Gangsters (1979)

02. Too Much Too Young (1980)

01. Stereotype/Stereotypes Part 2 (1980)