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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Electron Techno Mix

Subwayz Electron Techno Mix


  1. Trip to Fade - Auden (Flux 2014 Hotflush Recordings)
  2. Rhyl - Function / Inland (Odeon EP 2014 Infastructure New York)
  3. Gotham (Original Mix) - Ten Walls (Gotham EP 2013 Innervisions)
  4. Service Cost HH2 - NGLY (2014 L.I.E.S. Long Island Electrical Systems)
  5. Garbo ((12" Version)) - Recondite (Levo EP 2014 Innervisions)
  6. minipops 67 [120.2][source field mix] - Aphex Twin (Syro 2014 Warp Records)
  7. Huh - Randomer (Residents 2014 L.I.E.S Long Island Electrical Systems)
  8. Skin - Victor Calderone (Burden 2015 Drumcode)
  9. I/O - Intellekt (Altered State 2015 Funghettocrew)
  10. Amsterdam 808 - Beesmunt Soundsystem (Body Shape 2014 Pets Recordings)
  11. Primary K272 - Dubspeeka (Primary 2015 Drumcode)
  12. NKKK4_2 - Stingray313 (NKKtwo_2 2013 Naked Lunch)
  13. City Girl - TB (City Girl 2015 Permanent Vacation)
  14. Dinner & Corsica - New York Transit Authority (2015 Lobster Boy)
  15. Floorshow (Bodyjack's DEXT VIP) - Dubspeeka & Visionz (Floorshow EP 2015 Dext Recordings)
  16. Funnel Vision - MGUN (If You're Reading This EP 2013 Don't Be Scared)
  17. K241Z (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix) - Dubspeeka (Angel EP 2015 Last Night On Earth)
  18. Hidden - Raam (RAAM002 2015 Raam)
  19. Interval (original mix) - Ephere (Absolute 2015)
  20. Primary K293 - Dubspeeka (Primary 2015 Drumcode)
  21. Flux - Auden (Flux 2015 Hotflush Recordings)
  22. Couch Life - Zed Bias (Couch Life 2015 81)
  23. Hover Drone - Ferenc Stenton (New Kanada 2015)
  24. Mkn01 - Mokeon (ML01 EP Moklab 2015)
  25. Domino Theory - Batu (Cardinal 2015 Timedance001)
  26. Fade To Black - ZPH (Breaks Of Mediate EP 2015 Inwave)
  27. I Don't Have a Soul - NGLY (L.I.E.S. Long Island Electrical Systems 2015)
  28. Dagger - Coldgeist (Split EP2 2015 Children Of Tomorrow)
  29. Whi5tleblower - Phon.o (Cracking Space Pt. 2 2014 50Weapons)
  30. Another Wedged Chicken (Original Mix) - Shed (Shedding The Past 2008 Ostgut Ton)
  31. Up - Benjamin Damage (50 Weapons 2014)
  32. Mars (Head High's Venus Remix) - Caribou (Our Love 2014 City Slang)
  33. Lock In - Auden (Wall To Wall EP 2015 Hotflush Recordings)
  34. Why You Feel so Low - Scuba (Claustrophobia 2015 Hotflush Recordings)
  35. The Moon Doesn't Want to Look at You - Visonia (Nausicaa EP 2015 Electronic Emergencies)
  36. Altars - Grovestreet (Structures 2015 Tight Knit Records)
  37. Ganzfeld - Objekt (Hypnagogia 2014 Leisure System)
  38. Triangles & Rhombuses - Boards Of Canada (Music Has The Rights To Children 1998 Warp Records)


I wanted this mix to represent the broad range of styles in my collection that I've enjoyed listening to over the last couple of years. It was a great opportunity to incorporate some of my favourite tunes, including Rhyl, by Function & Inland, Gotham, by Ten Walls, Another Wedged Chicken by Shed and finishing with one of my favourites from 2014, Ganzfeld, by Objekt. Within the realm of dance music, and even the broad church of techno, there's always been fragmentation of genres, it's not a new thing, the universe of dance music has been expanding for quite a few years. I just hope that I've captured some of the diversity, vibrancy and originality that has been a hallmark of the underground dance scene for many years.

I've done two techno mixes and a breaks mix, so I'm either going to take the plunge and do a drum n bass mix or may be another breaks mix. I think the drum n bass mix will present a greater challenge to my limited skills, but I feel that I would enjoy doing another journey into the world of hip hop and funky breakbeats than a full on mix of drum n bass. I also have some long term plans. I'd like to try to do a mix of artists like Boards of Canada and Autechre, and some old school drum n bass, but one step at a time, I'm still learning.  

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