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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Replicant Bangin' Techno Mix

Replicant Techno Mix

This is my second mix, and going into this my game plan for this assortment was to change genres. I've been a life long fan of the 'hypnotic groove' and I wanted to incorporate some of the new material that I've been listening to, but I also wanted to take the opportunity to highlight some of my personal favourite techno tunes that I've admired over the last couple of years, namely Forged by Trevino (the awesome Marcus Intalex) Few Mysteries Solved In A Year Of Contact by Sagat, Detune by Mary Velo, Hoax Eye by Call Super, Field Depth by Answer Code Request and Voiceprint (Reprise) by (the phenomenal) Function. It gave me great pleasure to complete this mix relatively unscathed! I just hope that I've done justice to some of the amazing recordings which I have featured. I also wanted to acknowledge the profound influence that the film Blade Runner, and it's renowned soundtrack composer and recording artist, Vangelis has had on me throughout my life. 


  1. Main Titles (From "Blade Runner") - Vangelis
  2. To The Core - Trevino
  3. Better World - Claudio Grosso
  4. Rhythm - Johnny Golden
  5. Few Mysteries Solved in a Year of Contact - Sagat
  6. Metal Mutant (original mix) - The Yellowheads
  7. Return - BCDJ
  8. Detune (Original) - Mary Velo
  9. Stellar Cult - Jasper Wolff & Maarten Mittendorff
  10. Cestoda's Labyrinth - Green Gums
  11. Forged - Trevino
  12. Fantasy Island - Nanter
  13. Blitz - Cleric
  14. Trica - Jasper Wolff & Maarten Mittendorff
  15. Thelema - Coldgeist
  16. TSV WB - Zenker Brothers
  17. Landing (Lukas Freudenberger remix) - Nils Moln
  18. Hebano - Pablo Santos
  19. Hoax Eye - Call Super
  20. Nightlife - Johnny Golden
  21. Midnight - Oleg Mass
  22. Field Depth - Answer Code Request
  23. Voiceprint (Reprise) - Function
  24. Tears In Rain - Vangelis

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