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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Subwayz Drum n Bass Explorationz

Subwayz Drum n Bass Explorationz

Notes On Subwayz Drum N Bass Explorationz...

I've been meaning to do a drum n bass mix for quite a while. So I finally collected a few tunes and put them together. There's quite a mixture of different types and sub-genres of drum n bass within this mix. I'm not sure if it was foolhardy of me to do so. What it gains in history it may lose in cohesiveness. Within this are two of my all time favourite tracks. I've been a fan of Doc Scott and Dillinja's output for quite a few years, they are two people for whom I have total respect for. Their discography is like charting the metamorphosis of the hardcore scene into the drum n bass scene today. Shadow Boxing and Silver Blade are two massive tracks which were awesome to incorporate in this mix. I don't want to take anything away from the other tracks which are in this mix. I've liked the releases on Doc Scott's 31 Records imprint, not to mention Metalheadz and Renegade Hardware, which sadly is now defunct. I also took the liberty of sneaking in tracks by Aphex Twin (from one of my favourite albums of all time, Selected Ambient Works 85-92) and Boards of Canada (from the 2002 album, Geogaddi)  

I still have plans to do mixes of  other genres, including ambient, downtempo, tech-house, many other breakbeats, old school drum n bass, hardcore techno/gabber and specifically Boards of Canada, Autechre,Aphex Twin and old school drum n bass. It's just finding the time to do all this!

Anyways, thanks for listening to my mix. I hope you enjoy these tunes as much as I did! 

  1. I - Aphex Twin (Selected Ambient Works 85-92 1992 Apollo/R&S Records)
  2. Touching Down (feat Cleveland Watkiss) - Om Unit (Inversion 2014 Metalheadz)
  3. Machine - Chroma (Limber EP 2013 Renegade Hardware)
  4. Rain Giver - Reza (31 Records 2013)
  5. Clouds - Overlook (31 Records 2013)
  6. From Early - Fracture & Chimpo (Metalheadz 2015)
  7. Silver Blade - Dillinja (The Prototype Years 1997 Higher Ground/Prototype Recordings)
  8. Hard Food - Fracture & Chimpo (Metalheadz 2015)
  9. Grey Skies Over Chicago - Om Unit (Metalheadz 2013)
  10. Thaw - Reza & Gremlinz (31 Records 2013)
  11. Understand - Om Unit (Inversion 2014 Metalheadz)
  12. Fast Forward - Bungle (31 Records 2015)
  13. Sands (Acid Lab remix) - Asymmetric (Stark Realities EP 2015 Omni Music)
  14. Looking Back - Bungle (31 Records 2015)
  15. Perceptions & Realities (original mix) - Acid Lab (Stark Realities EP 2015 Omni Music)
  16. Shadow Boxing (Re-mastered Original Mix) - Nasty Habits (31 Records 2014)
  17. Digital - Overlook (31 Records 2013)
  18. Kobayashi Maru (original mix) - Acid Lab/Parallel (Stark Realities EP 2015 Omni Music)
  19. Future Roots - Thing (31 Records 2013)
  20. Ninel - Rado (Swarm 2015)
  21. Alone - Bungle (31 Records 2015)
  22. Therapy - Digital (Horizons Music 2014)
  23. Harmony - SR & Digbee (36 Hertz Recordings 2014)
  24. Dew Drops - Reza (31 Records 2013)
  25. Street Spirit - Overlook (31 Record s 2013)
  26. Butterfly Clan - PA (Radius 2015)
  27. Rays - Klute (Commercial Suicide 2015)
  28. My Tearz - Lenzman (feat Steo) (Looking At The Stars 2014 Metalheadz)
  29. Archive - Digital (Ingredients Records 2014)
  30. Artifact - Aquarian (Uno 2014)
  31. Over The Horizon Radar - Boards Of Canada (Geogaddi 2002 Warp Records/Music70)

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Subwayz Don't Stop Da Breakbeatz....

Subwayz Don't Stop Da Breakbeatz.....

Notes on Don't Stop Da Breakbeatz.....

This was another fantastic opportunity for me to slot in a few more of my favourite tunes into this mix! Firstly, I've been a fan of Actress, aka Darren Cunningham's work for quite a while, so it was awesome to start with the track Don't, from the 2014 album Ghettoville. Luke Vibert is one of those chameleon-esque characters within the world of dance music who has made many tracks under many different guises. Buffalo Gals by Malcolm McLaren And The World's Famous Supreme Team is a timeless hip hop classic and putting this tune in my mix was an opportunity I couldn't pass up. The album Much Less Normal by Lnrdcroy is an absolutely amazing body of work that has stayed under the radar for quite a while. I seized the opportunity to feature the track, Slam City Jam (Mix Assist Mix). Rivers Of The Red Planet, Code and The Air Between Words were some of my favourite albums of 2014. So it was awesome to incorporate Drums Of Death by Max Graef, Zenith by Answer Code Request and The Love Of Pleasure by Martyn (featuring the awesome Inga Copeland)

I'm a lifelong fan of electro, and within this genre includes some classic tracks by artists like Shannon, Joyce Sims The S.O.S. Band and by innovators like The Latin Rascals. Recently there's been one such EP that was released recently by The Galleria, (Morgan Geist) which features vocals by an amazing singer-songwriter (in her own right) Jessy Lanza. It was awesome to feature two tracks (Calling Card and Mezzanine) and also to mix in Party Girl by TB (available on the record label Permanent Vacation) which is just an outstanding track and one of my favourites of 2015.

London Grammar are an amazing band, and their album If You Wait, is one of my favourites. I've always wanted to remix one their tracks, in particular Metal & Dust. In this mix I had the opportunity to incorporate the track, Metal & Dust with another of my breaks tunes by ZPH, called Breaks Of Mediate. This may not be the remix that I've dreamed of, however I firmly believe that I have enhanced both these tunes and given them energy and gravitas. It's something that I've been very proud of.

In between and around all these tunes that I have coveted are some outstanding tunes by some of the finest contemporary constructors of breaks and many other beats like Ewan Hoozami, El Bomba, Dave Gerrard, DMX Krew, Last Magpie and finishing with another all-time favourite of mine, Left Side Drive by Michael Sandison and Marcus Eoin, aka... Boards of Canada.

I hope you enjoy listening to this mix as much as I did creating it.

  1. Don’t: Actress (Ghettoville 2014 Werkdiscs/Ninja Tune)
  2. Check Out Da Flow: Knuckle Fingerz (Neck Breakerz Vol. 1 Breakerz Banquet)
  3. Dopesmokah: Timewrap (Katakana Edits Vol 26 Katakana)
  4. Party Your Ass Off: El Bomba (Neck Breakerz Vol 1 Breakerz Banquet)
  5. Acidisco: Luke Vibert (YosepH 2003 Warp)
  6. Buffalo Gals: Malcolm McLaren (1983 Charisma)
  7. You Wanna Hear Dis: Breakerz Allstarz (Neck Breakerz Vol 1 Breakerz Banquet)
  8. High N' Mighty (dub mix): Ewan Hoozami (Goodgroove 2014)
  9. Buen Viaje: El Bomba (The Latin Lockdown EP 2015 Breakerz Banquet)
  10. Heart Of Glass: Dave Gerrard (Fused Funk Vol 4 2014 Funk Fusion)
  11. West Coast Don: Cris Crucial (Neck Breakerz Vol 1 Breakerz Banquet)
  12. Crush: 80s Child (Fused Funk Vol 5 2014 Funk Fusion)
  13. Vicious Bleebz: DMX Krew (5 Ways 2 Jack 2015 Super Rhythm Trax)
  14. Mr Body Rock: Fab Samperi & Skeewiff (The Beat Kicks Vol 2 2015 Beatnik City)
  15. Slam City Jam (Mix Assist Mix): Lnrdcroy (Much Less Normal 2014 1080p)
  16. Crystl Black (Bad Mojo remix): Kepikei (Crystl Black 2015 Top Billin)
  17. Fade To Black: ZPH (Breaks Of Mediate EP 2015 Inwave)
  18. Calling Card: The Galleria feat. Jessy Lanza (Environ 2015)
  19. Movin (edit): System2 (System2 2015)
  20. Drums of Death: Max Graef & Labuzinski (Rivers Of The Red Planet 2014 Tartelet Records)
  21. Breaks Of Mediate: ZPH (Breaks Of Mediate EP 2015 Inwave)
  22. Metal & Dust: London Grammar (If You Wait 2013 Metal & Dust Recordings Ltd / Ministry Of Sound)
  23. Mezzanine: The Galleria feat. Jessy Lanza (Environ 2015)
  24. City Girl: TB (Permanent Vacation 2015)
  25. Zenith: Answer Code Request (Code 2014 Ostgut Ton)
  26. Acid OSW 2: Turntable Actor Chloroform (Out Of Obscure 2015)
  27. Illumina: Andrew Bon Bosher (Illumina EP 2015 Bounce Kastle)
  28. 60East (original mix): Ben Egger (60East 2015 Hexa)
  29. Love Of Pleasure: Martyn (The Air Between Words 2015 Ninja Tune)
  30. Tristesse: Schizo Combat (FM Bullshit Boykott 2015 Kranke Geister Tontrager)
  31. Mirdad: Last Magpie (Influences 2014 Electric Minds)
  32. Chunky Monkey: B Phreak (Dash Fire 2015 Rump Shaker)
  33. Yuandai: Skelecta (The Big Bad Wolf EP 2015 877 Records)
  34. Maris Piper: Tsunga (Black Acre 2015)
  35. Frustration: Aggresivnes (Elektroshok 2015)
  36. Conditional: Hironimus Bosch (Whippin The 5 2015 Kiosek)
  37. It's Over: Cellardore (I'm Back 2015 Distortion)
  38. The Plant: Yonkers Tale (BNR Trax 2015)
  39. Disco Out: TheHeadcrazy THC (Rkdeeplove 2015)
  40. Werk For It: JDouble (The Album 2015 Ravesta)
  41. Scratch Central: Richard Champion (Vibe Alive EP 2015 Rinse Repeat Recordings)
  42. Fright Night (Original Mix): North Base (New State Music 2015)
  43. Tango Project: Flash Cats (On A Mission EP 2015 Propaganda Music)
  44. Left Side Drive: Boards Of Canada (Trans Canada Highway 2006 Warp Records / Music70)