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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Subwayz Drum n Bass Explorationz

Subwayz Drum n Bass Explorationz

Notes On Subwayz Drum N Bass Explorationz...

I've been meaning to do a drum n bass mix for quite a while. So I finally collected a few tunes and put them together. There's quite a mixture of different types and sub-genres of drum n bass within this mix. I'm not sure if it was foolhardy of me to do so. What it gains in history it may lose in cohesiveness. Within this are two of my all time favourite tracks. I've been a fan of Doc Scott and Dillinja's output for quite a few years, they are two people for whom I have total respect for. Their discography is like charting the metamorphosis of the hardcore scene into the drum n bass scene today. Shadow Boxing and Silver Blade are two massive tracks which were awesome to incorporate in this mix. I don't want to take anything away from the other tracks which are in this mix. I've liked the releases on Doc Scott's 31 Records imprint, not to mention Metalheadz and Renegade Hardware, which sadly is now defunct. I also took the liberty of sneaking in tracks by Aphex Twin (from one of my favourite albums of all time, Selected Ambient Works 85-92) and Boards of Canada (from the 2002 album, Geogaddi)  

I still have plans to do mixes of  other genres, including ambient, downtempo, tech-house, many other breakbeats, old school drum n bass, hardcore techno/gabber and specifically Boards of Canada, Autechre,Aphex Twin and old school drum n bass. It's just finding the time to do all this!

Anyways, thanks for listening to my mix. I hope you enjoy these tunes as much as I did! 

  1. I - Aphex Twin (Selected Ambient Works 85-92 1992 Apollo/R&S Records)
  2. Touching Down (feat Cleveland Watkiss) - Om Unit (Inversion 2014 Metalheadz)
  3. Machine - Chroma (Limber EP 2013 Renegade Hardware)
  4. Rain Giver - Reza (31 Records 2013)
  5. Clouds - Overlook (31 Records 2013)
  6. From Early - Fracture & Chimpo (Metalheadz 2015)
  7. Silver Blade - Dillinja (The Prototype Years 1997 Higher Ground/Prototype Recordings)
  8. Hard Food - Fracture & Chimpo (Metalheadz 2015)
  9. Grey Skies Over Chicago - Om Unit (Metalheadz 2013)
  10. Thaw - Reza & Gremlinz (31 Records 2013)
  11. Understand - Om Unit (Inversion 2014 Metalheadz)
  12. Fast Forward - Bungle (31 Records 2015)
  13. Sands (Acid Lab remix) - Asymmetric (Stark Realities EP 2015 Omni Music)
  14. Looking Back - Bungle (31 Records 2015)
  15. Perceptions & Realities (original mix) - Acid Lab (Stark Realities EP 2015 Omni Music)
  16. Shadow Boxing (Re-mastered Original Mix) - Nasty Habits (31 Records 2014)
  17. Digital - Overlook (31 Records 2013)
  18. Kobayashi Maru (original mix) - Acid Lab/Parallel (Stark Realities EP 2015 Omni Music)
  19. Future Roots - Thing (31 Records 2013)
  20. Ninel - Rado (Swarm 2015)
  21. Alone - Bungle (31 Records 2015)
  22. Therapy - Digital (Horizons Music 2014)
  23. Harmony - SR & Digbee (36 Hertz Recordings 2014)
  24. Dew Drops - Reza (31 Records 2013)
  25. Street Spirit - Overlook (31 Record s 2013)
  26. Butterfly Clan - PA (Radius 2015)
  27. Rays - Klute (Commercial Suicide 2015)
  28. My Tearz - Lenzman (feat Steo) (Looking At The Stars 2014 Metalheadz)
  29. Archive - Digital (Ingredients Records 2014)
  30. Artifact - Aquarian (Uno 2014)
  31. Over The Horizon Radar - Boards Of Canada (Geogaddi 2002 Warp Records/Music70)

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