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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Subwayz Old School - New School B-Boy Breaks Mix

Subwayz Old School - New School B-Boy Breaks Mix

This is the longest mix that I've managed to do so far, clocking in at over three hours. I wanted to incorporate a wide variety of tunes that encapsulate my world of breakbeat. It gave me the perfect opportunity to slot in some of my personal favourite tunes. Well, there's not one tune in this tracklisting that I don't like, however there are a few tracks on here by artists that I specifically wanted to feature for different reasons. One such song was Wordy Rappinghood by Tom Tom Club, (with the chorus,"Ran sumsumsa Ran sumsum, Hootycooty hootycooty Ran sumsum, Hi kye yay yippie yi kye yay, Awoo awoo ayee kie chi.") which was originally recorded by Tina Weymouth, Chris Frantz, (both of Talking Heads) and Steven Stanley back in 1981, and has always remained a firm favourite of mine. Ewan Hoozami's EP, released on Goodgroove Records is another favourite of mine. It gave me immense pleasure to incorporate I Can't Help It in the mix. Reality Testing by Lone is an album from last year which was absolutely phenominal, I jumped at the chance of adding a couple of tracks, which I mixed with Ten Tigers by Bonobo. I am a huge fan of Lakker and Eomac, I think that their output has been nothing short of extraordinary, so I wanted to feature a couple of tracks by these two amazingly talented technoheads who are just fantastic. 

There are more than a few tracks in this mix which contain some excellent old school hip hop edits and breaks from brilliant artists like Tek 9, DJ Self, Jeep Beat Collective and Smoove (among many others!) which helped in creating a nolstalgic hi-tempo transition between nu and old school breaks.

I was happy-ish with this mix. The start with Tek 9 could have been better, and there's a few places where I should have done better, but on the whole, considering that it's over three hours long I thought I did alright?

So I might do a drum n bass mix next. I want to do an old school drum n bass mix and at some point I want to do a downtempo breaks mix featuring Boards of Canada, Lnrdcroy and a few more artists. 

  1. First Born Seconds - Lone (R&S Records 2014)
  2. California Soul Still Alive - KMT (Funk Fusion 2015)
  3. The Theme - Tek 9 (SSR Records 1996)
  4. Jaded - Lone (R&S Records 2014)
  5. Ten Tigers (Bengal edit) - Bonobo (Ninja Tune 2014)
  6. Dopesmokah - Timewrap (Katakana Edits 2015)
  7. Grunt Without The Noise - Ill Advised (Chopshop 2015)
  8. I Don't Speak Spanish - CJ Plus (feat G N S) (Tru Funk 2015)
  9. What You Rockin For - Electrogorilla (Breakbeat Paradise Recordings 2015)
  10. Buen Viaje - El Bomba (Tru Funk 2015)
  11. All Get Down - Electrogorilla (Breakbeat Paradise Recordings 2015)
  12. How It All Started (Old School B Boy) - DJ Self (Raw Dog 2015)
  13. The Bomb Drops - Jeep Beat Collective (Bomb Hip-Hop Records 1997)
  14. Can't Help It - Ewan Hoozami (Goodgroove Records 2015)
  15. When The Record Spins - El Bomba (Breakerz Banquet 2015)
  16. Wordy Rappinghood - Tom Tom Club (Island Records 1981)
  17. Lick It Funk - CJ Plus (Tru Funk 2015)
  18. Breaks Of Mediate - ZPH (Inwave 2015)
  19. Crystl Black (Bad Mojo Remix) - Kepikei (Top Billin' 2015)
  20. Pocket Piano (breakbeat mix) - Kink (Running Back Germany 2015)
  21. Ray McKay (Stega remix) - The Impellers (Legere Recordings Germany 2015)
  22. Money Clip - Beatslappaz (Punks 2015)
  23. This - SelivanDJ (Selivan 2015)
  24. Bone - Stanton Warriors (Punks 2014)
  25. Turbo Twerk - K1T (Noize 2015)
  26. BRZL - Bombo Rosa (Punks 2015)
  27. Psith3 (Donx 337 mix) - OM10 (Sun Harmonics 2015)
  28. Tristesse - Schizo Combat (Kranke Geister Tontrager 2015)
  29. Lookout Weekend (Alexander Metzger beat mix) - 680EL (Butcher Music 2015)
  30. Disco Out - TheHeadCrazy THC (Rkdeeplove 2015)
  31. Frustration - Aggresivnes (Elektroshok 2015)
  32. The Fall - Superlifter/Half Dragon (Superlifter 2015)
  33. I'm A B-Boy - Smoove (Wack 2014)
  34. Jumpin' Jack Flash - Head Honcho (Funk Fusion 2015)
  35. B-Boyz Get On The Floor - DJ Self (Raw Dog 2015)
  36. Rock-In Move (original mix) - Freq Boutique (Dogeatdog 2015)
  37. Long Time - DJ Quest (Cyberfunk Music 2015)
  38. BMX Green Light (with Gate Beeb) - DJ Self & Sci (Raw Dog 2015)
  39. Fall Down - Freestylers (Instant Vibes 2015)
  40. Arden My - Selecta (Drum Wrks 2015)
  41. DJ's Wreck It (B Boy & Scratchers) - DJ Self (Raw Dog 2015)
  42. Once Upon A Time In South Florida - DJ Hero (Solitude Studios 2015)
  43. Treat Me Right - Pirate Jams (Punks 2014)
  44. Get Dat - Breaking News (Juice Recordings US)
  45. Hex Factor - Head High (Power House 2014)
  46. Bad Boy Bass - DJ Self (Raw Dog 2015)
  47. Brooklyn 2 Brixton (Freestylers Raw As F**k Mix) - Freq Nasty (Skint 2004)
  48. Drop Bear - Pedestrian (Born Electric 2014)
  49. Fluid 67 - Shed (50Weapons 2013)
  50. Portland (Tuff City Kids TB Mix) - Sparky (Numbers 2014)
  51. Rising 3 - Eomac (Killekill 2014)
  52. Math Fall - Lakker (R&S Records 2014)
  53. Vengeance Video - Lone (R&S Records 2014)
  54. B Boys Breakdance Forever (Ext Remix) - Jeep Beat Collective (The Ruf Label 1998)

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