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Thursday, 21 January 2016

Breakbeat Explorationz Vol. 3

Breakbeat Explorationz Vol. 3

Notes On Breakbeat Explorationz Vol.3
In this mix I got to incorporate a few more of my favourite tracks. I've always like the track Happy Cycling, by Boards of Canada. So I jumped at the chance to play this track, and quite by accident I discovered that the break from the tune Trouble Bucket by Cris Crucial fitted in quite well together with Happy Cycling.

I like how this mix starts out with funky breaks, then goes into a breakbeat techno direction then rinses and repeats back into breaks, bass with elements of trance, darkside drum n bass and old school hardcore breakbeat and techno. There are quite few stand out tracks in this mix. I quite liked the Flawless EP by Cris Crucial and there's four great tracks by UFO Project that features a few tracks in this mix.

A friend of mine (who loves his old school hardcore tracks) recently posted a couple of links for Perfect Love, by Rhythm Section and Far Out, by Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era. So this got me thinking about how and where to put these tracks in my mix. So whilst I was mixing these tunes I managed to include a couple of tracks by Aphex Twin. Polynomial-C is one of my all time favourite tunes, so it was really special to include this tune, plus Digeridoo, which is another one of those benchmark tunes that Richard D. James had released on various labels before it was featured on the seminal Belgian techno label R&S Records. I still want to do an old school mix, which is something what I plan to do sometime the course of this year. 1969, by Boards of Canada is one of my favourites from their album Geogaddi. My mix starts and finishes off with two short vignettes by Shed and Actress. The Killer and R.I.P are two great albums that I should play more often!

I was quite happy with the general flow of this mix, however I wasn't quite so satisfied with the quality of my mixing. I thought that this mix could have been tighter, and there were odd tunes where I thought that I could have been better. Considering that this mix is over three hours long and features over fifty eight tracks I didn't think it was too bad. Although I ended up doing about five different mixes until I felt satisfied that it was good enough to share online.

Hopefully, at some time throughout the course of this year I'll be able to do more mixes, and all going well, I can start doing more old school mixes like a drum n bass mix that I've been meaning to do for the last few years!   


  1. Gas Up - Shed (The Killer 2012 50Weapons)
  2. Happy Cycling - Boards Of Canada (Peel Session 1999 Warp Records/Music70)
  3. Trouble Bucket - Cris Crucial (Flawless EP 2015 Breakerz Banquet)
  4. AK-Sleigh - Cris Crucial (Flawless EP 2015 Breakerz Banquet)
  5. SixxThreeAight - Jayl Funk (Goodgroove 2015)
  6. Big Crucial Thang - Cris Crucial (Flawless EP 2015 Breakerz Banquet)
  7. Rock Steady Bang Bang - DJ Twister AKA Vinyl Cat (Bangers On The Breaks Vol. 4 2010 BOTB)
  8. Rush The Industry - Cris Crucial (Flawless EP 2015 Breakerz Banquet)
  9. Back Up (2015 Beats re edit) - Mooqee & Beatvandals (Funk N' Beats Vol. 2 2015 Bomb Strikes)
  10. Anything Funky - Cris Crucial (Flawless EP 2015 Breakerz Banquet)
  11. CMN (original mix) - NLP (Spektra 2015)
  12. Break Some Bones - Morlack (Hypersonic Freak 2015 Breakbeat Paradise Recordings)
  13. Skanky Bitch - Johnnypluse (Block Rockin' Bulabeats 2015 Bulabeats)
  14. Funky Hot Grits - Soopasoul (Funk N' Beats Vol. 2 2015 Bomb Strikes)
  15. Funkin' It Up - Basement Freaks (Basement Booty EP 2015 Bomb Strikes)
  16. Cornish Pastie - Geiger167 (PQ Domestic Markets 2015)
  17. Warehouse Hustler (Gabriel Slick remix) - Namtrah (Crossworld Vintage 2015)
  18. Sunshine On A Tuesday - Johnnypluse (Block Rockin' Bulabeats 2015 Bulabeats)
  19. Work It To The Drummers Beat - DJ Twister AKA Vinyl Cat (Bangers On The Breaks Vol. 4 2010 BOTB)
  20. Outbreak - Yury Rets (Datenbits Recordings 2015)
  21. Dashcam - Antek (Office Ekiti 2015)
  22. Simmer Down - Auden (Hunger EP 2015 Hotflush Recordings)
  23. Gun Fingers - Luca Luzano (Hypercolour 2015)
  24. Master Control Funk Program (DiscObeta remix) - DJ Justin Johnson (The Discos of Tron 2015 Barely Legal)
  25. Lick The Spoon (feat Jem Stone - Rory Hoy remix) - Foxy Cheex (Funk N' Beats Vol. 2 2015 Bomb Strikes)
  26. Girls 'n' Money - UFO Project (Punks 2015)
  27. Freeze Cycle - Pearson Sound (Thaw Cycle 2015 Pearson Sound)
  28. Visipia - Ethel Orth (Funk Bass EP 2015 Selecta Breaks)
  29. In Your Eyes - UFO Project (Punks 2015)
  30. Started Again - Future Wildstyle (Ultrafunkula 2015 Bass=Win)
  31. Then & Now (instrumental version) - Half Decent (Breakadelic Beats Vol. 1 2015 Breakdrum Recordings)
  32. Nobody Knows - Kitt Whale (All You Need To Know 2015 Beat By Brain)
  33. Halcyon - Rhys O'Shea (Experimental Bass 2015)
  34. Change Your Way - UFO Project (Rat 2015)
  35. One Touch - Soltek feat N-Hance (808 Life 2015)
  36. Allaby - Addison Groove (50Weapons 2015)
  37. Oh Kay - Martin Flex (Theoryon 2015)
  38. Higher - UFO Project (Rat 2015)
  39. Dreamscape (Kassem Mosse remix) - Fold (Netflix & Chill EP 2015 Aus Music)
  40. Luna Massive - Mr Kace (Lanzadera 2015)
  41. Everyone (original mix) - Project Mescaline (Mescaline Beats 2015)
  42. Clap Your Hands (Renegades Of Jazz remix) - Ursula 1000 (Insect Queen Music 2015)
  43. Funk Bass - Ethel Orth & Mutantbreakz (Funk Bass EP 2015 Selecta Breaks)
  44. Meeting (601 remix) - Breaksmafia (Black Wolf Remixes Part 3 2015 Selecta Breaks)
  45. Perfect Love 2AM - Rhythm Section (Midsummer Madness EP 1992 Rhythm Section Recordings)
  46. Future Beats - Nigth Vission (Experimental Bass 2015)
  47. Retro System (OM) (original mix) - TBS (Re Edits Music Dark Records Tops Breaks 2015 Vol 1 2015 Music Dark)
  48. Far Out - Sonz of a Loop Da Loop Era (Suburban Base Records 1991)
  49. Balloon Man - IDK (Breakbeat Blues 2015 Elements Bound)
  50. Nightmare - Mr Breaks (Hertz Bass 2015)
  51. Killa Soundboy (Bojcot Selectah remix) - Pressa (Future Breaks & Beats Classics Vol 9 LW Recordings)
  52. The Theme (original mix) - Underheadz (Ruff Beatz EP 2015 Music Rascals)
  53. Peak Dub - Special Request (Modern Warfare [EP's 1-3] XL Recordings)
  54. Dark Matter - Journeyman & Barrcode (Vim 2015)
  55. Polynomial-C - Aphex Twin (Xylem Tube 1992 R & S Records)
  56. Digeridoo - Aphex Twin (R & S Records 1992)
  57. 1969 - Boards Of Canada (Geogaddi 2002 Warp)
  58. Glint - Actress (R.I.P 2012 Honest Jon's Records)

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