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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Boards of Canada: Music is Math (Warp 2002)

Boards of Canada: Music is Math (Warp)
How long have we Boards of Canada fans had to wait for their album releases?

Geogaddi was officially released in 2002. I was in Buffalo at the time and was literally counting down the minutes until it was released!!

On the Warp website you could listen to snippets of Geogaddi, and if I've listened to Music is Math once, I've listened to it a thousand times!! I still think it is an amazing track, and sets the tone for the entire album very amply.

I don't know if I'd say that Music is Math is the best cut on the album, but for me it's iconic and illustrates Marcus and Michael Sandison's style of music in all of its intriguing and dark eerie beauty.

I think the accompanying video to this tune reflects all the reasons why I like this tune. I like the grainey images that give you the impression of old technology mixed with an organic quality that blends in very well in the imagery.

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