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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Subwayz Selectionz 2014 24 Throwing Snow

My Top 30 Albums Of The Year

24. Throwing Snow: Mosaic (Houndstooth)

  1. Avarice
  2. The Tempest
  3. Hypnotise
  4. Linguis
  5. As You Fall
  6. Pathfinder
  7. The Void
  8. Maera
  9. All The Lights
  10. Draugr
  11. Saltaire (Parts 1 & 2)

Ross Tones long player was released on Fabric's imprint Houndstooth back in July. The album consists of a few collaborations and experiments, which at certain points may feel more in the way of concoctions. But overall the positive qualities shine through. Lost in the wake of this album are all the hallmarks of drum n bass and dubstep, which are cut and pasted throughout. Mosaic is probably an apt description of the album, and amidst the dark basslines and fractured vocals lies the patchwork of a decent recording.

My Standout Tune: Hypnotise

My Top 30 Albums of 2014

30. Legowelt: Crystal Cult 2080 (Creme Organization)
29. The Cyclist: Flourish (All City Dublin)
28. Recondite: Iffy (Innervisions)
27. Sully: Blue (Keysound Recordings)
26. Actress: Ghettoville (Werkdiscs/Ninja Tune)
25. Lenzman: Looking At The Stars (Metalheadz)
24. Throwing Snow: Mosaic (Houndstooth)

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