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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Subwayz Selectionz 2014 12 Cristian Vogel

My Top 30 Albums Of The Year

12. Cristian Vogel: Polyphonic Beings (Shitkatapult)
  1. Exclusion Waves
  2. McCaw's Ghost
  3. How Many Grapes Went into That Wine
  4. Lost in The Chase
  5. LA Banshee 109
  6. Forest Gifts
  7. Society Of Hands

It seems like light years since I bought the Infra E.P. in 1994, on Dave Clarke's Magnetic North label. It was quite obvious back then and is still very apparent now that Cristian Vogel can meld compositions that are diverse and interesting which can still pack a punch. Polyphonic Beings is no exception. This is a rhythmical album, but within all the synchronized commotion are a lot of synthesized growls and grunts tempered with moments of silvery ambiance. Polyphonic Beings is a good album which with a few more tracks could have been outstanding.

My Standout Track: How Many Grapes Went Into That Wine

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