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Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Subwayz Selectionz Top 30 Albums of 2014 4 Kassem Mosse

My Top 30 Albums of 2014

4. Kassem Mosse: Workshop 19 (Workshop)

  1. Untitled A1
  2. Untitled A2
  3. Untitled A3
  4. Untitled B1
  5. Untitled B2
  6. Untitled B3
  7. Untitled C1
  8. Untitled C2
  9. Untitled D1

Workshop 19 was released back in February, and has been a firm favourite of mine throughout the year. This is a solid techno infused album where Gunnar Wendel balances his experimentation with content of the highest quality without trying to reinvent the wheel, or be edgy. There is the contrast of the superlative arrangement within these tracks, which sound contemporary, yet there is room for tracks that are ambient and introspective in nature. Towards the latter part of the album things are allowed to go a little darker where the soundscape is just stunning in all it's hypnotically grooved brilliance. Workshop 19 is just a fantastic album, and that is due in part to Kassem Mosse's content, experience and skill.

My Standout Track: Untitled A2

27. Sully: Blue (Keysound Recordings)
26. Actress: Ghettoville (Werkdiscs/Ninja Tune)
25. Lenzman: Looking At The Stars (Metalheadz)
24. Throwing Snow: Mosaic (Houndstooth)
23. Ekoplekz: Unfidelity (Planet Mu)
22. Altered Natives: Sin Elevated Art (Eye4Eye Recordings)
21. Moire: Shelter (Werkdiscs/Ninja Tune)
20. Wen: Signals (Keysound Recordings)
19. Objekt: Flatland (PAN)
18. Lucy: Churches Schools And Guns (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
17. Max Graef: Rivers Of The Red Planet (Tartelet Records)
16. Caustic Window: Caustic Window LP (Rephlex)
15. Vermont: Vermont (Kompakt)
14. Addison Groove: Presents James Grieve (50 Weapons)
13. Francis Harris: Minutes Of Sleep (Scissor & Thread)
12. Cristian Vogel: Polyphonic Beings (Shitkatapult)
11. Om Unit: Inversion (Metalheadz)
10. Todd Terje: It's Album Time (Olsen)
09. Eomac: Spectre (Killekill)
08. Copeland: Because I'm Worth It (Self Released)
07. Aphex Twin: Syro (Warp)
06. Answer Code Request: Code (Ostgut Ton)
05. HTRK: Psychic 9-5 Club (Ghostly International)
04. Kassem Mosse Workshop 19 (Workshop)

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