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Monday, 22 December 2014

Subwayz Selectionz My Top 40 Tracks of 2014

My Top 40 Tracks & EP's Of 2014

40. Hidden Turn: Big Dirty EP (Thirty One Recordings)

  1. Big Dirty
  2. Get Up
  3. Dislocate
  4. Time feat Azaco

39. Lucy: Churches Schools And Guns Remixed (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
  1. Catch Twenty Two (Shapednoise Remix)
  2. The Illusion Of Choice (Donato Dozzy Remix)
  3. Laws And Habits (Milton Bradley Remix)
  4. The Self As Another (Eomac Remix)

38. Shackleton: Freezing Opening Thawing (Woe To The Septic Heart!)
  1. Freezing Opening Thawing
  2. White Flower With Silvery Eye
  3. Silverkeys

37. Machinedrum: Fenris District E.P. (Ninja Tune)
  1. Back Seat Ho
  2. Back Seat Ho (Rustie Remix)
  3. On My Mind
  4. Neujack

36. Thing: Future Roots (Thirty One Recordings)
  1. Future Roots
  2. Untitled Render
  3. Untouched

35. Evian Christ: Waterfall (Tri Angle)

  1. Salt Carousel
  2. Fuck Idol
  3. Propellor
  4. Waterfall

34. DMX Krew: A New Life (Central Processing Unit)

  1. Space Eyes
  2. Not Very
  3. Spook Show
  4. Crawl Space
  5. Shared Library
  6. Give Me A House

33. Golden Teacher: Party People/Love (Optimo Music)
  1. Party People
  2. Love
  3. Silver Chalice

32. Container: Adhesive E.P. (Liberation Technologies)
  1. Glaze
  2. Slush
  3. Complex
  4. Adhesive 

31. Lapalux: Movement I, II & III (Brainfeeder)
  1. Movement I, II & III

30. Herbert: Part Six (Accidental)
  1. One Two Three
  2. Manny
  3. My DJ
  4. Grab The Bottle

29. Last Magpie: Influences E.P. (Electric Minds)

  1. Mirdad
  2. Pledge
  3. Pledge (Trevino Remix)
  4. I Love Me

28. Digital: Figjam E.P. (Horizons Music)

  1. Figjam
  2. Waiting
  3. Therapy
  4. Figjam (Slowjam Mix)

27. Ewan Hoozami: Artist Series (Goodgroove Records)
  1. I Can't Help It
  2. High N' Mighty (feat Clair Witcher)
  3. Ginger & Lime
  4. B-Boy Sound
  5. Find Someone
  6. You Are Soul
  7. Ginger & Lime (Dub Mix)
  8. High N' Mighty (Dub Mix)

26. Pirate Jams: The Jams EP Vol 1 (Punks)

  1. Acid Party People
  2. Treat Me Right
  3. One Way Back
  4. I Want You

25. Dego: Nuts! (Blueberry Records)
  1. Nuts!
  2. Could Murder A Burger
  3. Celestian Ditton
  4. Celestian Ditton (Faulty DL Remix)

24. Shackleton: Deliverance Series No. 1 (Woe To The Septic Heart!)
  1. Beat His Command
  2. Vor Und Zuruck

23. SR And Digbee: Level Up (36 Hertz Recordings)
  1. Nightmare
  2. Nostromo
  3. Harmony
  4. Badbwoy Style

22. FremdKunst: Zibaldone (Fremdtunes)
  1. Pictures At An 1889 Exhibition
  2. A Life In Pictures
  3. Der Untergang Des Abendlandes
  4. Blue Poles
  5. Frieze Of Life
  6. B-beats It's Time For You To Come Back

21. Ten Walls: Walking With Elephants (BOSO)
  1. Walking With Elephants
  2. Nochnoy Dozor

20. Auden: Flux EP (Hotflush Recordings)
  1. Flux
  2. Whispers
  3. Tension
  4. Trip To Fade

19. Pedestrian: Drop Bear/Ultramarine Express (Born Electric)
  1. Drop Bear (Original Mix)
  2. Ultramarine Express (Original Mix)
  3. Drop Bear (Tin Man Lovers Acid Remix)

18. Karizma Presents: Beats & Bobs Vol.1 (R2 Records)
  1. Bounce Bitch
  2. Tech This Out (Kaytronik Dub)
  3. K To The P

17. Eomac: Monad XVII (Stroboscopic Artefacts)
  1. Tube
  2. Moon Obelisk
  3. DF4
  4. We Are All Going To Die

16. Paul Blackford: League Of Shadows (Central Processing Unit)
  1. The League Of Shadows
  2. Proteus
  3. Robotix

15. Bonobo: Ten Tigers (Ninja Tune)
  1. Ten Tigers
  2. Duals
  3. First Fires (Maya Jane Coles Remix)

14. Wesley Matsell: Total Order Of Being EP (Border Community)
  1. Total Order Of Being
  2. Future Beacon
  3. Dowlais Wheelie Crew
  4. Rite Of Pant

13. Recondite: Levo EP (Innervisions)
  1. Levo ((Club Edit))
  2. Garbo ((12" Version))

12. Lukid: Crawlers (Liberation Technologies)
  1. Nine
  2. La Cucaracha
  3. The Brick Builder
  4. Born In Bosnia

11. Phon.o: Cracking Space Pt. 2 (50 Weapons)
  1. Whi5tleblower
  2. Defrost
  3. Crystal Math

10. Beesmunt Soundsystem: Body Shape (Pets Recordings)
  1. Body Shape
  2. Amsterdam 808
  3. Sugar Square

A solid 3 track EP from Beesmunt Soundsystem. At a push I'd say that Amsterdam was my stand out tune, however Sugar Square is definitely a great change of pace. 

9. Aquarian: Aquarian (UNO)
  1. SOMA
  2. Artifact
  3. Before I Forget
  4. Event Horizon
  5. SOMA (Throwing Snowing Remix)
  6. Artifact (Nautiluss Remix)

A great EP from Aquarian with elements of drum n bass and techno. SOMA is a stand out tune, but for me Artifact steals the show, a growl of dark, acid tinged drum n bass, contrasted with soft, light uplifting chords. 

8. Jessy Lanza: Hyperdub 10.2 (Hyperdub)
  1. You And Me

The object of Hyperdub's 10.2 compilation was to emphasize the groundbreaking label's song based back catalogue. I got this specifically for Jessy Lanza's track, You And Me. Jessy Lanza is one of the few artists out there who has managed to bridge the divide of R&B without compromising her unique electronic underground musical edge.

7. Head High: Megatrap (Power House)
  1. Hex Factor
  2. It's A Love Thing (The XX Mono Mix)
  3. Megatrap (Real Mix)
  4. Megatrap (4F Mix)
  5. Hex Pad
  6. Megatrap (Mix Mix)
  7. Power Seat
  8. Think It
  9. The Higher (V2014)

Megatrap was released back in June and was the timely return of Rene Pawlowitz (AKA Shed) There's an assortment of mixes on Megatrap, my favourite is Hex Factor, an old school breakbeat banger which wouldn't have gone amiss in an early 90's rave set. 

6. Lakker: Mountain Divide E.P. (R & S Records)
  1. Mountain Divide
  2. Math Fall
  3. Monia

An amazing EP here from Dara Smith and Ian McConnell. Mountain Divide is a builder of glistening, caustic-elevated distortion. My standout track is Math Fall, which is just an eerie bass-driven, acid-spiked megalith of a track.    

5. Digital: Shaka Zulu / Archive (Ingredients Records)
  1. Shaka Zulu
  2. Archive

I've always been a fan of the drum n bass artist Steve Carr, and his excellent back catalogue under the Digital moniker, and this release on Ingredients Records is another worthy addition. My stand out track is archive, which is an absolutely pulsating bass fueled drum n bass journey. 

4. Benjamin Damage: Up / Acid Bath (50Weapons)
  1. Up
  2. Acid Bath

This is another fine release from 50Weapons. My standout track is Up, which is a stunning tranced out techno builder.

3. Trevino: Birdie 01 (Birdie)
  1. To The Core
  2. Warmer
  3. Playtime
  4. Mezmerise

One of my favourite tracks by Trevino is Forged (released on Ben Klock's Klockworks label) Birdie 01 is released on Marcus Kaye's own Birdie label and is yet another adept showcase of his range and versatility. Birdie 01 is a 4 tracker of the highest quality techno, It's difficult to pick a favourite because the quality is that high, however I'd probably say that To The Core is my standout track. 

2. Function / Inland: Odeon EP (Infastructure New York)
  1. Odeon
  2. Rhyl

For me, Odeon EP is nothing short of stunning. It consists of two amazingly diverse techno tracks executed with deft precision by David Sumner and Ed Davenport. Odeon is an unfurling banner of winding synth lines and pulsating effects, which is based around a sample of "Under The Palms" by Photek. Rhyl is hauntingly beautiful, it starts with an assortment of reverberating chords that are punctuated by a series of breakbeats, with dark swirling synths and an undulating bass. Odeon simply is an outstanding EP. 

1. Dopplereffekt // Objekt: Hypnagogia (Leisure System)
  1. Dopplereffekt: Delta Wave
  2. Objekt: Ganzfeld 

Hypnagogia was released in September, and features two separate tracks by Dopplereffekt and Objekt.

Delta Wave, by Dopplereffekt is very much in the same electro techno crossover mould as Drexciya, with unsettling chords mixed with dreamy vocals, evocative strings and discordant breaks.

However I think the standout track, and my single of the year is Ganzfeld by Objekt.

Ganzfeld is an intricate swirling mist of atmospheric funky electro, with techno elements which is centred around cleverly programmed breaks. There are all kinds of beeps, grooves and sound effects that permeate throughout this track, which will amaze every time you listen. TJ Hertz' attention to detail is nothing short of astounding, and Ganzfeld is nothing short of mesmerizing.

Hypnagogia is a worthy first choice for my favourite tune of 2014.  

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