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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Subwayz Selectionz 2014 17 Max Graef

My Top 30 Albums Of The Year

17. Max Graef: Rivers Of The Red Planet
      (Tartelet Records)

  1. Itzehoe
  2. Superswiss (Skit)
  3. Running
  4. Jazz 104
  5. Tamboule Fudgemunk
  6. Quackeljochen
  7. Ohne Erdung
  8. Mullholand Drive
  9. Drums Of Death
  10. Vino Rosetto (Album Mix)
  11. Speed Metal Jesus
  12. Buchsenhoffner
  13. Jane (Fur Hannah)
  14. Medley Of The Drifters (Skit)
  15. Outro

Rivers Of The Red Planet was released back in April and is a blend of different styles in one album. There's a mixture of house which is counterpointed by some deft touch old school hip hop instrumentals. Some might say that it's either one genre and not both, but in Rivers Of The Red Planet, the contrast of downtempo breaks and sultry house play off each other very well. I'd like to see Max Graef put more hip hop material out there, because from what I've heard so far it sounds really good.

My Standout Track: Drums Of Death

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