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Friday, 12 December 2014

Subwayz Selectionz 2014 28 Recondite

My Top 30 Albums of the Year

28. Recondite: Iffy (Innervisions)

  1. Baro
  2. Levo
  3. Tame
  4. Garbo
  5. Buteo
  6. Duolo
  7. Konter
  8. Steady
  9. Glint
  10. Jim Jams

I first listened to Hinterland by Recondite towards the end of last year, it was one of my favourite albums of 2013. I've been of the opinion that Hinterland was going to be a hard act to follow. Iffy has a slightly harder edge, but still contains the same beat driven elements of melody and emotion that featured in Hinterland. I don't think it had the same level of emotion, but none the less Iffy is still a very competent follow up album.

My stand out track: Garbo

My Top 30 Albums of 2014

30. Legowelt: Crystal Cult 2080 (Creme Organization)
29. The Cyclist: Flourish (All City Dublin)
28. Recondite: Iffy (Innervisions)

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